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Iraklís and an albino boa constrictor.
It wasn't until after I drew it did I realize the boa's red markings looked like eyes. o_o Snakes are flippin' amazing.

Boa reference: [link]

Snakes are important because of Iraklís' traumatic experience with the Lamia, the snake women. Since then he'd had a phobia of snakes, until Ares cured him of it by making him stand still while a snake wrapped itself around his neck. The Lamia are now his favorite mythological beasts, and he even mimics their methods of killing.

I chose the albino constrictor because A) ever since Golden Sun I couldn't let go of the image of pink Lamia, B) its darker markings are reminiscent of Ira's burn scar, which was a little present from the 1922 fires of Smyrna, Turkey (present-day İsmir) and which by the way I had to reference from Google images of hypertrophic burn scars - not pretty stuff, I'm telling you - and C) albinos are naturally marked as different, something Iraklís has been marked as since birth.

In nature, this differentiation doesn't bode well for the mutant, since the chance of an albino's survival is much lower than that of the greater percentage of its brethren. For an albino to survive in the wild, it must be exceptional, skilled to the extreme, able to avoid predators and fight simply to exist. Or it just has to be lucky.

Iraklís is not a lucky man.

Iraklís Roúvas (c) ~LaniWonderzWhy
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