Tonitrus Student App Picture

[ Name ]


[ Age/ Age Equivalent ]

17 human yrs/ 3-4 horse years

[ Date of Birth ]

November 2nd

[ Nationality ]

Foloi Oak Forest, Greece

[ Species/ Ethnicity ]


The centaur is a mythological creature. Its head, arms, and chest are those of a human and the rest of its body, including four legs, hindquarters, and a tail is like that of a horse. Some have traced the Greek centaur origins back to the Gandharvas who in Vedic mythology drove the horses from the Sun but it is now accepted that they were a primitive and rough population of horsed shepherds from Thessalony. According to Greek tradition, there are two families of centaurs. The more numerous and unruly centaurs are those born of the union of Ixion, King of the Lapithae and a cloud which Zeus disguised as his own wife, Hera, whom Ixion had bragged of having relations with.

His lightning abilities come from those originated in Zeus's favor, over time that bloodline was lost among the many centaurs and centaurian villages. Tonitrus is the most recent to have this ability, which most centaurs see as someone who can lead others and hopefully multiple villages. This is done in the Greek regions of Centaurian villages only in the world Tonitrus was born in, to keep true to their ancestors and to avoid conflict.

[ Height ]

6 Ft 3 In

[ Weight ]

730 lbs

[ Personality ]

Kind- He often has a kind disposition around others, not wanting to offend others or step on any toes.

Arrogant- Despite his kindness, his arrogance can show in many ways, usually when stating facts, or general knowledge. His arrogance can also be shown in a fight, though rare it will slip in some form or another.

Loyal- He is not one to change sides, he is loyal to those he calls friends even if they might be in the wrong at times. His loyal nature also feeds into his arrogance, but he means well.

Naive- Though being intelligent he is often tricked due to lack of understanding in some areas.

Polite- Similar to his kind nature, he reconizes authority and will act as such. Reconizing his superiors, and being respectful and polite to them. He will also do this to any of his close freinds, or anyone that is older. Where he comes from the older someone is the wiser they are.

[ History ]

Tonitrus was born in a Centaurian village in the Foloi Oak Forest, a common place for most centaurs and other beings. In his village once you are 1 years old, you are tested in various areas of study and interest. Tonitrus excelled in the areas of study, to maintain information well. This information was based on swordplay and magical arts, specifically lightning manipulation. The symbol given to him was the "lightning bolt" though an obvious symbol to represent his magic, it also represents high amount of knowledge and swift actions to his village.

At his 2nd-3rd year of birth he was given lessons on how to lead a village and enforcing order and law, something he wasn't so interested in to begin with. The bolt symbol is a high ranking mark, that shows the next to rule over the village or another village. He didn't care about that, he cared more about studying on his own about other cultures and places. He read through many books that the centaurs would get from other villages, from stories and myths of other places. Russian, African, South American and his favorite Asian myths, and legends. He loved the swordplay of the Asian areas and battle tactics from Sun Tzu and the diplomatic tactics of Ieyasu Tokogawa.

Though once he was close to his 4th year, he was faced with his final decision, he decided to not lead over a village seeing how he knew there was so much he can learn from others. Despite protest from others he went off on his own way, in his travel outside of the forest an unopened letter was inside of his bag. As soon as he opened the letter to read the contents he was quickly teleported to Legacy Academy, he saw this as a blessing because he saw the school as a way to learn more than his own village can know of.

[ Attending the Academy ]

He unkonwingly entered the academy when he opened up a letter in his bag. Though even so he didn't know where he was he knew it was some sort of academy, and found this as a blessing seeing how he was going to find some school. He wanted to enroll in Legacy Academy to build his knowledge of the world around him and to use this to help others in some shape or form. Still he does not know why or how he was given the letter and assumed they saw potential in him that his village wanted to use haphazardly.

[ Ability(ies) / Power(s) ]

Lightning Manipulation- He has researched about magic and the magical arts and found out that most centaurs are magically gifted in wind or lightning. Though he is still a bit of a novice when it comes to lightning magics and still studies on this potential.

Enhanced Speed- Being half horse he gains abilities of such, his speed is highly enhanced to that of a horse.

Swordsman- He has a good memory when it comes to remembering training and swordskills, and has gotten fairly good with a sword specifically a katana he was given as a gift.

Genius Level Intellect- He is very smart and can remember anything he reads, though he grasps on to things he finds most interesting. Though he can be arrogant when stating his know-how and it comes across as cocky than anything else.

[ Items / Belongings ]

Katana- It isn't mainly used for protection, rather as for show since he does not like to get "dirty" as he will say.

Bag of Items- items include his favorite books, notebooks, personal hygene materials, a change of common clothes (he might go shirtless), also a few writing tools.

[ Weakness(es)/Downside(s)/ Allergies/ Health Concern(s) ]

Ticklesh Left Side- The left side of his body is sensitive to touch and has a ticklesh sensation. Though he will tell others to not touch him there, it is a problem for him when he lies down or is someone breaks his personal bubble.

His Arrogance- Yep, his arrogance might be his downfall boasting and overestimating his own abilities. Though he will try to remain still shows.

Shellfish- He is highly allergic to shellfish and will not eat any form of shellfish, If he does it will cause a great amount of irritation and swelling on his skin.

[ Homeroom Class ]

Basic Magic

[ Dorm Room]

Full Moon, Room 3

[ Optional Information ]

Likes- Books, conversations, sweet and flavorful foods, culture

Dislikes- Ignorance, stupidity, being called a "coward"

[Side Info]

* Tonitrus has researched most languages of the world, but he only knows 5 to full completion; Greek, English, Latin, Japanes, and Chinese.

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