Pixel - Sailor Fylgja Design Picture

Since my scanner is no more and I'm currently working on this character's profile, I REALLY wanted to show her fuku design. I love it to bits! I'd try my hand as my new Sailor Sun but that's a lot more intricate than this -_-;.

I was watching Lord of the Rings and at the part with the City of the Dead, I went 'Hey, a senshi based upon that idea who leaves to bring the dead back to it..' or something along that line. I took some time looking up in mythology and found in Norse Myth about Fylgja being a spirit that guides a person all their life and is joined with them after death. They're usually in animal forms but they eventually take a woman's form :3.

Her colors are very pale. I felt that it would be best to symbolize death and gentleness (for guidance). It's supposed to be cloud blue (don't think I quite captured that on computer but it's what I used on the design sheet). I gave her a veil (as when one wears for mourning sometimes :3. I thought that was a nifty idea to use.
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