Zodiac Star: Phoenix the Firebird Picture

name: Ena
constellation name:
totem: the Firebird
physical age:
Eyes: Orange
Hair: from the crown to the tips maroon>red>brown orange>orange>yellow
outfit: traditional spaniard dancing dress
Other: white high heels, fishnet gloves, flower hair pin
Natural abilities:
can turn into a phoenix


Phoenix Physiology - Use the traits of a phoenix

  • May need time to regenerate.
  • May need focus to change back.
  • Could burn something one didn't mean to burn.

Other info:
  • the year she was "created" was unknown but it was first depicted on a celestial atlas by johann Bayer in his 1603 Uranometria, so she could be 412.
  • She loves to dance to lyras music sometimes loves to dance with dolphinus to lyras music
  • She's German but loves spaniard culture

The mythical bird phoenix is known as the sacred fire bird across many mythologies: Greek, Persian, Arabic, Egyptian, Roman, Turkish, Indian and Chinese among others.

The phoenix was said to have resembled an eagle with purple, red and gold feathers, and a scarlet and gold tail. Ovid wrote in his Metamorphoses that the bird lived for 500 years. When it reached the end of its life span, the phoenix would build itself a nest at the top of a palm tree, using incense and cinnamon bark, then ignite the nest and die in the fire.

A new bird would be born from its father’s body and, according to legend, when the young phoenix was strong enough, it would take the nest and carry it to the temple of Hyperion, who was one of the 12 Titan deities and the lord of light.

In another version of the tale, the young phoenix would embalm the ashes of the dead one in an egg made of myrrh and carry the egg to the Egyptian city Heliopolis. The name Heliopolis means “sun city” in Greek.

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