Fenghuang: Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke Contest Entry Picture

The Fenghuang, or Chinese phoenix, is said to appear before an emperor upon their assent to the throne as a sign of prosperity, it is said to be a beautiful singer that loves human music. It's tail is red, blue, yellow, white and black and the fenghuang is sometimes said to represent the female half between it and the dragon, the male half.

When I was first looking for myths to represent separate members of Nessa's team, I stumbled upon this little (actually it's not that little at all it apparently stands above humans) beauty and thought that Solveig would make a nice fenghuang. The more I read, the more Solveig seemed to match up, with the love for music, only appearing to bring peace or times of prosperity, she seemed ideal. I originally intended for this to be more of a smaller drawing as a second entry while I thought of another myth to draw but then I got carried away with this so now I don't think I'll get to that XD. We'll see though.

The process of making this was a lot of fun, I drew out Solveig in pencil and then inked her in with pen (unfortunately getting a bit carried away with the blue oops) all the while trying to think of a suitable background. I originally had her standing in the hall of a palace, perhaps blessing an emperor, but that didn't really appeal to me, it just didn't look right. But then I stumbled on an article about different aspects of the universe (the head represents the sun, etc) so I synced up the background with some of these elements, so with colored pencil I lightly colored ‘layers’, the earth at solveig’s feet (she’s standing on a cliff, can you tell?), a layer of green for grass or trees because green is pretty and peaceful and it means growing things so it’s a prosperous land and all, a layer of clouds and then blue sky because the wings represent the wind, and finally the sun crowning Solveig’s head. Unfortunately this idea came to me after I did the shading so she doesn’t really appear to be backlit. Oh well. And then I had to shade her white wings and such with black pen so there are a few parts where the shading didn’t come off well but I am ultimately very happy with this! It took a while but it was very fun and I think I might do more pen things now because it’s a fun medium. Wow long description is long. I apologize. But before I be quiet I have to mention how this is for this contest, shadeofshinon.deviantart.com/a… which is amazing because I love mythology and I love Pokémon and I love this Nuzlocke!

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