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HOLY ART SHIFT BATMAN. So since my harddrive needed to be factory reset, I decided to try and take things in a different direction since I lost my progress. I wanted to still kind of stand out, so I found my click with this watercolor illustration style. I know only the first Paper Mario was called "Mario Story" in Japan, but since mythology and folklore plays a large theme of Celestial Crisis, I thought it would be fitting for more of an illustrative style like a story book. And opposed to a stage, I'll have simple color borders, since each chapter has a specific color (this one it's white so kinda ehhh). I did the art for this one mostly at 2 am, so hopefully later chapters will be a little more refined. Let me know what you guys think, do I keep with this style or go back to the ol drawing board?

Enough ramblings, to the story!


~*Madeleine Meadows*~

The road to Madeleine Meadows was about as painless as just taking an exit from Neapolitan City. Who knew such a place was as simple as walking out the gate? No need to find a key or anyone blocking the way, just go on ahead. Seemed the town knew what was up and would allow just anyone to find the Celestial Gaurdians. That or the entire town saw that flashy light show in the bell tower.

Though, painless would not be the road ahead, the hero and partner duo had to find out where on earth that guardian Alice is to hopefully be one step closer to solve the crisis in the sky.

As Mario and Hoshishi made their way down through the meadows of blooming flowers, the sky suddenly shifted from day to night!

"What the, did that spell wear off or something?" Hoshishi wondered, looking a bit concerned.

"CRIKEY! WHAT IN THE STARS NAMES JUST HAPPENED!?" Someone not too far off yelled, quite shocked to see what happened as well. The source of such a yell came from a Boomerang Bro dressed in loud, tourist garb, looking worried and panicked for what just happened. As running like a chicken with it's head cut off, he stumbled into Mario and co at alrmingly high speeds.

"Umm, are you okay?" Hoshishi asked the dazed Boomerang bro. Once he finally snapped back into place, he got even more shocked and horrified.

"And a Celesprite too!? Oh mercy is the end really coming!? First the heavens throwing a fit, and now a Celespraite to tell me the end is coming!?" The Boomerang Bro yelled, gripping to his hat.

An audible question mark could be seen and heard over the heroic plumber's head.

"Gracious, you don't know what a Celesprite is? They're common folk of the Celestial Kingdom way up in the heavens, trying to be sure the place is kept in balance. Think of em' like toads of the Celestial Kingdom. Though, unlike those murshroom headed fellas, they're ruled by TWO rulers." The Boomerang bro went on, going over a journal he has handy. "Of course, one rules the day and the other for the night. And before you ask, they're both siblings, so yer ship of thought is sunk there. But, Celesprites are rarely ever seen on the ground, usually something quite bad has to happen up there for one to even be seen!"

"My real question is who are you and why are you here, exactly?" Hoshishi asked the Boomerang Bro.

"Oh right. My apologies servant of the heavens. I'm Nigel, acclaimed photographer and myth buster. I heard this land was oozing with all sorts of sweet myths and folklore so I had to find out if any of em where real. A land of powerful beats that serve day and night are something so smashingly fascinating!" The Boomerang Bro, Nigel, much more properly introduced himself.

"Wether you two like it or not, I am joining in your little party here. Since there's gaps ya can't cross you know?" Nigel said, standing closer with the group.

-Nigel joins your party! Using your shell to be kicked certain distances for switches and items is soooo last year, so he can use his handy boomerang to retrieve items and hit switches from certain distances. In battle, he can use his boomerang skills to fight baddies, but also add a little flash of his own!-

"We should be getting a step on, hear some things get really weird at night. Plus my ol great aunt's cousin should be in the settlement nearby, she's probably worried to death on what's going on." Nigel went on, navigating the party through the nightlit meadow. Most of the usual early game grunts where about, Goombas of normal, spiked, and para flavors, koopa troopas, you name it. Though some of them seemed to have spoken about "The Vermin Queen" and how she's gonna get their heads or something to that degree. It was probably nonsense being spoken because of the radical change of day to night.

*~Scone Village~*

Day had suddenly flashed over again, as in a flowery filled, centuries old village kept doing usual things. The population was mostly toads and peaceful koopas, but one that stood out was an old hammer bro (rather, sister) with robes that would signify she does indeed watch over the village.

"Aunt Dinah!" Nigel yelled, as the elderly turtle took note of Nigel and his party members.

"Ah, it appears you've arrived after how long again?" Aunt Dinah greeted with a slight tinge of annoyance.

"Long story short, this is Mario, and this is what's her face." Nigel went on.

"My name is Hoshish--" Hoshishi tried to intervene.

"Just roll with it I couldn't catch your name plus Aunt Dinah is kinda stubborn." Nigel whispered back. "Anyways we're trying to figure out where this legendary Alice is."

"Alice you say? The hare of high noon and blooming flowers? Well, legends The Tarot Gardens just north of here was built to honor her power to bring blooming life. But..." Aunt Dinah went on.

"But what?" Hoshishi asked.

"But dangerously angry moles are about, seeming to have wrecked quite a bit of the garden. Plus with all this day and night going so rapidly, I'm not sure if you can get the grips. Though, I can explain." Aunt Dinah finished.

"Woah now, this isn't the prologue." Nigel stammered worriedly.

"Too bad. Someone has got to explain these mechanics based on legends older than my great grandma's shell." Aunt Dinah responded back, a glare in her eye.

"Now legends go, the heavens, land and sea are all in unity. Day goes into night for all these things. Between the two times, certain creatures may appear only with the break of dawn, or the arrival of the evening. If somehow you are blessed with powers by the solar or lunar guardians, their magic may differ depending on if the sun or moon is out. Even the presence of some can make it either day or night. However, given how chaotic things have been, Day and Night last three "Turns" as it's been inscribed, whatever that means..." Aunt Dinah explained, going off longer than expected.

"...Now that was the abridged version. Hopefully that didn't take too long." Aunt Dinah finished, only to notice everyone having fallen asleep.

"Oh for the love of the celestial twins! Just take this gate key to the Tarot Gardens and go wack a few moles!" Aunt Dinah fired up, throwing the key at the party, thus waking everyone up.

-You got the Village Gate Key!-

"Now time ain't gonna save itself, so good luck, you hear?" Aunt Dinah said, wishing good luck to the team.


Getting into the gardens seemed like no biggie at first, as there was just an oddly placed croquet mallet just nearby the gate to the legendary gardens.

"Halt! By the name of the queen, you shall not pass! The Queen will not tolerate intruders of any kind in these parts!" A voice shouted, as the croquet mallet transformed into an odd, flamingo like creature. Without another word from the odd flamingo guard, he jumped right at the party.

-Mid Boss: Croqmingo-

-Tattle: That's Croqmingo, the sole gate guard of the sudden mole takeover at Tarot gardens. HP is 12, Attack is 2, and Defense is 0. He can't take the power of another's hammer to well, so knock him out!-

Croqmingo wasn't too hard of a guard to take down despite his numerous ramming in with his head. Being wacked with another hammer is what greatly lead to his downfall.

"Graaaah! My queen, I've been overpowered! I need reinforcements!" Croqmingo screeched before turning back into a plain old croquet mallet, unable to stop Mario and co from entering the gardens...

-Dungeon One: Tarot Gardens-

What was usually a beautiful garden, was now torn up quite a bit. Many holes where strewn about, yet only one kind of flower remained in the entire garden: roses, specifically red roses. Most of the garden's reinforcements where the usual suspects of Goombas and Koopas, but also Monty Moles. Lots and lots of Monty Moles everywhere.

Much of the navigation of the gardens involved going in and out of various tunnels and holes, using Nigel's boomerang to reach switches that lead down different routes through the torn up gardens.

After many fights with many moles and other vermin, the central part of the garden was now open. However, it was being in control of a large, mauve monty mole decked out in heart themed real garb.

"Guards! Who are these despicable pests entering into my garden?" The Mole queen boomed.

"Your garden? This is Alice's garden! Now where is she!?" Hoshishi protested back.

"Oh how that name disgusts me, you had to bring it up you celesprite. I sealed her away and took this for myself!" The mole queen explained, holding up a white glass star with a small, white gem that looked like a sun. It radiated with a strong, white aura like the high noon sun.

"Just who do ya think you are?" Nigel yelled back.

"I am only the most beautiful thing in all the meadows, Queen Heartmin. That Alice and all her populating of flowers, bah it's not up my alley if they aren't red roses! For they are the most beautiful, like myself!" Queen Heartmin responded.

"Now you will regret all those words as I order your pea brained heads off for messing with the queen!" Queen Heartmin yelled, ensuing the boss battle.

-Boss: Queen Heartmin-

-Tattle: That's Queen Heartmin, the incredibly vain and mad mole queen. HP is 20, Attack is 3, and Defense is 0. Be careful, she's quite a bit stronger at night, but the light of day or flashes from Nigel's camera should do her in!-

Queen Heartmin was rather hard hitting, throwing rocks around to burrowing underground to give a good slap to the face. Though, about halfway through, she called in a few Monty Moles to be reinforcements, to take a few hits for her as she stayed underground.

However, the mole queen was defeated, being shocked she would ever be defeated.

"No! I can't be defeated by a yeti-lipped barbarian like you!" Queen Heartmin yelped, before falling over in defeat, retreating back to who knows where.

Once the white, star like object was out of her mole claws, it hung over a small archway, and with a flash of light, came a small star bunny. She had red tipped hears and a sky blue cape with golden yellow lines on it. Keeping her cape together was a small golden sun amulet.

"Gracious, that was a time to deal with. All I recall was calling out to the heavens to try and end the madness, and then I blacked out." The bunny spoke, getting used to her location again.

"Wait are you..." Hoshishi asked, looking rather stunnded.

"Oh me? My name is Alice. The rise of the noon sun brings bloom to life across the heavens, earth, and sea. I am the one who protects and oversees such things." The bunny, Alice, introduced herself.

"Crikey, I never thought the Celestial Guardians where really a thing..." Nigel gasped with shock.

"Of course I am sure you are all aware of the ruckus in the heavens as much as myself. I should know, I'm the right hand man of the lord of the sun himself after all." Alice responded rather simply, looking down a bit to notice how much of a mess the gardens are. "I should try and restore this place back to it's former glory. But for now, take this as the memento of my gratitude for saving me."

The star like object hovered over Alice, calling it forth with her mind it seemed.

"This is a Miracle Star. They are essence of time itself, this one being of High Noon. With it, you can call me forth if you ever get in a pinch." Alice explained, as the Miracle Star was handed over to the party.

YOU GOT A MIRACLE STAR! You know how the Solar Guardian power of Blooming Rejuvenation!

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