Maf's Hangout Lineart Picture

The Medusa Hopi Mask I drew some time ago for Puppetcancer's challenge of, "draw a Native American Hopi mask with a Greek Mythological theme." I picked three; Cyclops, Mercury/Hermes and Medusa here.

We found the Medusa mask in a mud puddle, surrounded by Mudmen. Dug it out after a lengthy time of removing dirt and water, this is what Stares At Basilisks and Fire Thunder found. Fire Thunder put some straps on it and uses it as a backpack -- a "Maf Pack" -- to tote her little froggie friend around in. (He's always complaining that her hair gets in his face when he rides on her shoulder. This mode of transportation is more comfortable for Maf, and it makes him complain less.) So this mighty, powerful object has become a Maf Hangout. He's always in there when Stares At Basilisks is traveling with his sweetheart Fire Thunder, and hanging out underneath it when the sun's oppressively hot. The mask may belong to Fire Thunder, but Maf is the one who uses it.

Maf was created by John H. Beckwith/Puppetcancer for Mandi L. Pope/MandiPope.
Art by Mandi L. Pope, 2015.
Do NOT reuse, color, copy, trace, alter or post anywhere else, please and thank you!
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