Character Application- Ferris Picture

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Wolf Form
Name: Fenris Vánagandr, but she goes by Ferris
Gender: Female; identifies as female
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
Age: 21
Weight: 870 lbs
Height: 7ft 8inches

Human Form
Eye color: red-orange
Race/Ethnicity: white
Origins: English, German, Norweigan, Icelandic, Scottish, And Finish
Age: 21
Weight: 121 lbs
Height: 5'8"

Reference/ Markings guide: Color pallette is in the top left. Below that color pallette is the color pallette for her armor and accessories. Also, if you look closely at her markings, you'll see a chain pattern. Please note that this is part of her fur and her markings, and not an accessory. The bottom left and top view are without her accessories.

General Information
General Personality: pessimistic, bold, aloof, manipulative, aggressive, intimidating, unempathetic, narcissistic, independent, decisive, strong willed, stubborn

Strengths: excellent fighter, dutiful and follows orders, cunning, good hearing and sight, protective

Weaknesses: unempathetic, aloof, protective

Mental State: mostly stable

Intelligence: above average

Emotional state: somewhat unstable

Sociability: usually prefers to be alone

Background and Story: Fenris had her first shift at age 11. Her bloodline and family called Vánagandr is a strong lineage. They tend to be some of the largest wolves, with some exceeding the average maximum height and weight. A legend is told in the Vánagandr family that they are descendants of the dreaded wolf Fenrir. Legend has it that Fenrir was a large monserious wolf who wreaked havoc upon the world. The gods had to bind Fenrir, and on their second attempt, they succeeded. It is rumored that on the end of the world, Fenrir will break free and devour the sun.

Fenrir was said to have one brother, a sea serpent, and one sister who became the underworld. Because of this tale, the Vánagandr family lives and coexists with snakes. To them, the snake is more than just a companion; they're family. However, because they are viewed more so as family, the companions are often viewed as independent. If a pup and a snake are born on the same day, their chest is burned and then tattooed with the markings opposite to them. For example, Ferris has the marking of the snake to represent their strong bond and act as a spiritual guide. The Vánagandr family and the snakes actually have their independent religion which involves some Norse gods, but with the Fenrir and the serpent as their main focus. They aren't exactly viewed as gods, but more so supernatural beings with immense power. The religion, however, does not follow the ideas of traditional Norse religion. Instead, it can be most related to Buddhism where its followers strive to be like Fenrir (powerful, etc.). It does not follow the peace theme of Buddhism, but it does involve self reflection instead of worship. Some followers will even intertwine the supernatural beings with the gods the other wolves believe as well. Ferris, personally, follows her family's traditional religion, and believes in the strong bond between her and her companion.

Her family, because of their size and fearsome personalities, often serve as guards. They are both highly respected and feared. Their reputation states the Vánagandr family as being fearless and ferocious, much like the Fenrir in the mythological story. However, they have been viewed as unloyal to the kingdom in the past. Stereotypically, the Vánagandr family is power hungry and will do anything to elevate their status. Ferris has a similar mindset. While she sides with the kingdom, what she desires most is power.

Ferris is the third pup of six siblings. However, because she was born in a litter, her siblings and her were born around basically the same time. She has four brothers and a sister whom she cares for deeply, but she doesn't often contact them. This is not uncommon for the Vánagandr family. They are raised to be independent lone wolves, but still have strong bonds with their family. When Ferris was growing up, she got into a fair bit of trouble. Her parents feared that she would not do well. (I'll get into the trouble she got into as a pup later). When she was around nineteen (in human years), she became a guard for Aesmirth and has since done well. Now she is basically Aesmirth's guard and the lead guard of the troops.

She is one of the youngest wolves in the guard, and she is one of the few female guards. However, he fierce attitude and intimidating skills have gotten her quite far. She lives in the palace and has her own room in which she sleeps. The only other being she talks to is Midgard, her companion who also rooms with her. Other than that, she is quite antisocial and manipulative. Midgard is the only one who knows and understands her true feelings, and is her closest friend. Ferris often has trouble keeping relationships because of this. Her lack of emotion and unwillingness to put forth effort into a relationship often drives others away.

Although she lives in the palace, she has a difficult time calling anywhere 'home'. During her early years, her trouble caused her parents to disown her, and she lived outside of her house from age sixteen to eighteen. At age eighteen, she fell ill and grew weak. Midgard brought her food and kept her alive. When her parents found out about her illness, they took her back into their house and fed her the finest medicine to nurse her back to health. because of her guilt, but more so as payment, Ferris managed to stay out of trouble for the next year before moving into the palace at nineteen.

As of currently, her mother and two of her siblings are passed. Her siblings died in battle, which the family almost blames Aesmirth for because both were young rookies that were forced into work far too advanced for them. Nonetheless, they hide their anger, and slowly plot revenge. Ferris herself holds some suspicions towards Aesmirth. She notices that Aesmirth often takes her anger out on companions and such, which leaves her worried about Midgard.

Family: Her mother, Paithoon, passed from an illness and old age. She died at age 55 in human years. Her sons Fenrir XXVIII and Finley died serving Aesmirth. Since then, her brother Loki XVII has been looking after their father Fenrir XXVI. The fourth brother, Faust II, serves Aermirth's family as their guard. The sister, and the youngest sibling, is named Hel X.

Name: Midgard
Gender: Male
Species: Common Kait
Length: 4ft 3inches
Weight: unknown

Background: The clan of Jörmungandr holds millions of snakes and different species, and is almost more of a brotherhood than a clan.

As as far as gender goes, obviously the snakes have different genders, but because they don't have as many hormonal differences and also because gender of a snake cannot be determined visually, the clan of Jörmungandr often views is inhabitants as agender or gender less. This is significantly different from the wolves' culture, but the Vánagandr family respects and even somewhat practices the belief in that they often teach both male and female pups the same and train them for the same duties. Likewise, the clan does not name the snakes based on their gender. So, a snake may have a name that does not necisarily match its gender.

Habitat and Customs: The brotherhood of Jörmungandr do not live in the same place. They simply follow the ideas and alliance with the Vánagandr family. They usually meet once a year and send representatives to converse with the Vánagandr wolves. The Vánagandr wolves also send a messenger whenever a pup is born to find a snake who is born on the same day. If a Jörmungandr snake and a Vánagandr wolf are born on the same day, a piece of their skin is burned and then tattooed. For example, the snake's chest is burned and the scales are removed in the area, and then the Vánagandr wolf is tattooed there, and the snake and wolf are bonded. As shown above, Ferris and Midgard were born on the same day.

Personality: Midgard is very shy and secretive. He is a common Krait, which is a highly venomous species of snake. They are nocturnal and generally docile during the day, but highly aggressive at night. Because of the neverending winter in the ROTG world, Midgard stays coiled in Ferris's armor to keep warm. Dogs, so I'm assuming other canines are similar, have a body temperature of 102 degrees (in Fahrenheit), which the snake uses to keep warm. Because of this, he cannot go out and hunt or anything of the wort, so Farris mush provide food for him. The Vánagandr family household is located underground and kept warm by insulation. Currently, the Jörmungandr clan snakes are taking residence there to survive the wold.

The armor is made of steel. Ferris' main weapon is a bisento and her secondary weapon is a dagger passed down from the family. The cover of the bisento is black and stitched with a golden thread. It contains the design symbols of the Vánagandr family and their snake companions which reside in the brotherhood or clan of Jörmungandr. The joined households have a symbol depicted on the knee armor and the cover for the family dagger.

Gems: red- (located on knee, dagger, spikes, and neck armor) is red jasper. The gems on the handle of the dagger and connecting the brown leather to the armor are smokey Quartz. Between the dagger handle and the red jasper stone is a cat's eye chrysoberyl stone. Fenrir XXVIII, the eldest son who died in battle, had the stone added after the death of their mother Paithoon who's name means cat's eye. The dagger, after Fenrir's death, was passed to Ferris.
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