50. Ma'at Picture

Ma'at: Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice, Balance, and Order

100 Gods/Goddesses Challenge

I love how she's #50, right in the middle of everything. C:
Although the number of Egyptian Gods I've been drawing lately has been totally out of balance hahaha

Phew! I started this one yesterday, but I totally scrapped the concept I had and went for something a bit more fun. XD;;

Ma'at is one of the coolest Egyptian Goddesses. C:
Actually, even though all of the gods are in some way a personification of an abstract concept (Although many are closely connected with less abstract things like water or the sky, of course) Ma'at is probably the most abstract concept of them all... but to the Egyptians, she was the most concrete concept out of any of them!

Ma'at represents cosmic order, she's kind of like the Vishnu of the Egyptians. She's essentially the laws of physics and nature personified; the sun rises, the sun sets, the river floods, stars move, people breathe, cows moo, etc etc. She's equated with 'justice', but not quite 'ethics'. To the Egyptians there were quite defined opposites of good and evil, and part of Ma'at was that evil would be punished and good would be rewarded. Not because of abstract relative wishy-washy human ethics, just because that was the way things ultimately worked.
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