Persona Picture

(adj.) Someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature

Finally created my persona entity, bio just underneath

Name: Aesthete
Age: —- (Looks 17)
Gender: Agender (becomes confused if refereed by female pronouns)
Sexuality: Asexual
Species: Plant Entity
Height: 4’9
Weight: 120 pounds

  • Takes a human look to blend in with the environment around themselves
  • Skin has a yellowish tint to it
  • Hates wearing shoes due to not being able to feel the dirt under their feet but doesn’t mind socks
  • Loves to wear cute clothes as it reminds them of flowers
  • Eyes are black or contain any petals
  • Loves pastel colours
  • Super curious of the human world and is always found wandering about them
  • Loves learning about supernatural and mythological things when introduced to them through a human
  • In human form instead of an ahoge has a leaf
  • Wears a mask because they have no mouth, always wanted to know how food tastes like
  • Speak by drawing or writing words
  • Eye on forehead is real eye that is closed when not taking their entity shape, two eyes are used as decorations merely to seem normal and to have some sort of vision
  • Obtains energy through sun, water and ground like plants
  • Entity look has a sunflower as their head hovering over the body with a single eye in the centre
  • Different flowers course through them and prefer dresses as an entity

That’s alI can think up for them at the moment, will probably add more info through the times

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