Peace and Glory Picture

Adam and Eve tower within the thick, giant trees, flowers and vegetation, they both appear as elements of nature itself, the environment, and even the weather. Eve appears to bounce off the ground, and she has become air-born, temporarily. They don't appear 100% physical, but rather they're more like raw energy that charges the Earth's ecosystem with primal life. The light of the sun glitters through the canopy covering of prehistoric flora high above them. They appear like the human versions of the giant dinosaurs that surround them, they appear more like magnificent animals, than a man and a woman. If it were not for the covering of light that makes their skin glow, we would notice their thick, unpenitreable skin and massively powerful bodies that turn petrified rather than rot. Wild animals of the forest enshroud them like a massive fauna blanket as they feed off the vegetation growing from their bodies and water that flows from their hands and mouths. Hundreds of Giant insects inhabit the fertile and nutrient rich soil of prehistoric Earth.

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