I Made A Sailor Earth Picture

....AND ISN'T SHE FRILLY-TASTIC?! Given her personality, I felt she was the perfect excuse to draw one of those extravagant and ridiculous fukus that I just can't help but love. I personally feel that the best color combo for a Sailor Earth is a brown main color (skirt, collar, etc.) and green secondary color (ribbons) but in her case brown and turquoise ended up working better. And as it happens, way back in middle school I took a "What Are Your Senshi Colors?" test...and got that very combination! Oh god I hope that's not a sign that I'm anything like her.


She's shallow, shrill, unpleasant. Concerned only with her looks, and possibly her popularity, though she just may take latter as a given. Many Sailor Earths are concerned about pollution and the environment, but she couldn't really give less of a shit about that. Rainforests? Whatever. Bulldoze the shopping mall, on the other hand, and then you'll get a protest in the form of hairspray to the eyes. Maybe it's because her realm of influence (gemstones, not vegetation or soil) don't suffer from litterbugs, but more likely it's because...this is just how she is. Other notes include that since I was having some raspberry sorbet when I began coloring her, I'm making that her favorite food, and that she is indeed quite "talented" though I'm not sure if she beats Mako or not.

Ok, so her story:

Alot of wee Sailor Moon fans made a Sailor Earth or Sailor Sun for their first SM OC. I never did...well, not exactly. I would force my younger sister to play with me, since no one else would, and have her be Sailor Earth while I was Sailor Saturn (an OC Saturn, I didn't know a canon one existed). There was also an older neighbor girl who was sympathetic enough to humor me sometimes and be Sailor Star. Anyway, today I love browsing through DA looking at all types of otaku senshi--ones based around asteroids, around stars, around other mythologies, and, yes, the good old staples of Sun and Earth. And then I was like, y'know what, for funsies, I'm gonna design an Earth too.

According to Takeuchi, only females can be senshi. Yet, through some kind of cosmic fluke, the starseed of Earth wound up in Endymion, the planet's prince. Given that his powers were minimal compared to, say, Princess Serenity's guardians, his duties did not change from being anything other than royalty. Instead, the role of Earth's soldier was given to a girl who was selected through some process or another, and while she could not be given a true Sailor Crystal, she was given power through some other means that I haven't figured out. Like the others, she was reborn due to Queen Serenity's dying efforts, and her powers came with her as well. Though originally she was intended as Endymion's ultimate guardian (since he is the vessel for the starseed of the planet she was appointed to protect) she has come to resent him, feeling that if he hadn't come along and been the one to be born with the Golden Crystal, it would have been her, making her the true Sailor Earth and royal goddess of her star like the real Senshi are of theirs. Don't tell her that his Moon twat girlfriend is going to be the one to end up running the place in another century, she'll really flip out then!

Sailor Mission: To get those other pesky senshi OFF HER PLANET!! It's nothing personal, it's just that they attract way too much riff-raff! See, it seems to Sailor Earth that most of the enemies who show up here only come because they're after that stupid Silver Crystal. So, sorry freeloaders, but you have to go! She'll assist them against common enemies, but then will promptly resume telling them to GTFO.

Tama (Tama can mean ball or jewel, making it work well for her--ball as in the globe of the Earth, and jewel as in, well...isn't that obvious?)

Doseki (earth & stones)
Kyoei (vanity, vainglory)
Giji (false)

Tamami Gijini = Beautiful false jewel
Or Giji Tamano (jewel of falseness) so she can be called Gigi in her 'dub' version. Yes, I like to give my SM OCs their own "dub?English" names too just for fun ^^

EDIT: I FORGOT TO COLOR HER LITTLE GLOBE WEAPON!! See that white ball right there in her hand? Yeah. It should be colored. SHIT.n Also, it is the same one being held by Pyrite here, he stole it
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