Ace of Hammers Picture

Brief Description

A single hammer, upright among a pile of coins, a sun in glory behind it. A white lily grown on the right and a red rose grows on a the left.

Mythology and Symbolism

I've replaced the pentacle suit with Hammers they are the earth symbol. On the front of the hammer is a bind-rune for household prosperity. The white lily stands for purity and the red rose stands for true love. This combination makes for great home stability and long lasting love. This card is all about home life, living a comfortable, prosperous life, rife with love and family harmony.

Meaning: Wealth, material gain, contentment, speedy intellect, monetary success, inheritance, family harmony, prosperity.

Reverse Meaning: Material loss, unheeded spending, inheritance lost, dischord caused by finances, slow to react, unease.

Hey guys, thanks for keeping up with the project, so I've gotten a request for The Fool, so that will definitely be in my next three Major Arcana cards. I'm also doing the next four Minor Arcana I'm going to work on all 7 at once so I can give you guys the previews all at once. I'm hoping to have them ready for an update tomorrow, but it may be Tuesday. We'll see how much I can get done.

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