My Mythical Gods 3 Picture

This is part of my college project which I decided to show you guys. 'Cause I like you a lot. XP

This is sketchbook material of my own versions of mythological gods. They were inspired by existing tales of mythical gods like Greek Gods, Nordic Gods, Japanese Gods, etc.

Tasïk, God of the Sea ~ A stalwart and reliable god. He watches over the seas to make sure that any travelling ships journey with peace. He also helps to look after all aquatic life with Tannah. Tasïk is boastful, and a big show-off, but is also very ill-tempered. If he is met with anger, the gentle waves of the sea could quickly turn into horrendous tsunamis. Which is why he very often finds ways to contain his temper. But regardless, he's still loved by the people as he does a bang-up job with protecting them on their voyages.

Cünami, Devil of Floods ~ Every god has a devil. An alter-ego if you will that lives to do the exact opposite of the gods - to destroy humanity and cause chaos, and more importantly, destroy people's faith in the gods. For Tasïk, there is Cünami, who loves the sound of loud and wild destruction. Which is why he very often creates sea-storms and tsunamis to destroy humanity's faith in Tasïk. He's a vicious, heartless being and enjoys the taste of contaminated water. Sometimes he makes contaminated water martinis.

Varveklis, God of Ice ~ A self-reliant, bitter god who enjoys the company of no one. He doesn't hate humanity, but he likes doing things himself, and even better, to be in control of things. Not many people or gods get to know him as he's often on his own, in the cold, freezing sea or in the harsh arctic wastelands. He mostly enjoys the mono sound of blistering arctic winds. Despite the fact he always keeps to himself, he does like to swoop in on other gods' businesses and help them out. He likes to consider himself as some sort of SUPER-god that way.

Tasïk, Cünami, & Varveklis © *The-Quill-Warrior
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