..::EmbracE::.. Picture

Oh, look! I never realized the word 'embrace' starts and ends in an 'e'

ya..ya...big deal..xDD


Oh and it's referenced from a panel in Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino.

You should've seen the previous version of this picture. Felix had his hands on Mia's face and Mia bore the same expression. It looked like Felix was in the starting phases of raping Mia @[email protected] and the fact that Mia's crying further supports the gross idea. I hope this modified version's better than what I described or what you might be imagining now xDD Sorry if I changed your entire perspective of the picture. >.<

The bubble translates into "I'm sorry I left you". I felt a little devious with this picture and decided to include a little dialogue in Japanese. And also, I wanted to try out the manga style of drawing..so...
@[email protected] I'm not sure if the translation's right though. I used a site called [link] and it does literal translations sometimes, making it unreliable sometimes. I hope there are no errors. >.< I hope no one can tell...but with the growing popularity of the Japanese language, more and more people would be able to understand.
I personally think that Mia turned out looking very ...ugly. D;
And the blush strokes should be more slanted >.>

Yeah...so I hope you like it!
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