Froslass Gijinka Picture

Another Pokémon gijinka, this one of Froslass, the female evolution of Snorunt. She's based on the Yuki-Onna of Japanese mythology, as well as a kimono girl. Now, I've heard/read from people on the Internet about how evolving a female Snorunt into a Froslass involves killing her with the Dawn Stone that is very hot because she's an Ice girl becomes part Ghost, and that a Sun Stone or a Fire Stone would have made more sense. I don't buy into this, because this is something that got lost in translation when it came to the naming conventions of the Dawn Stone.

The Dawn Stone is actually called the "Awakening Stone" in Japanese, which is why the flavor text of the item says that "it sparkles like eyes." Taking that into account, the Dawn Stone actually awakens previously dormant powers in Pokémon, but only for certain genders. Male Kirlia lose their Fairy magic for martial arts (Fighting Type), while female Snorunt gain powers involving the soul. Ghost Pokémon definitely have traits like Ghosts, but they're not necessarily dead (Phantump and Yamask being exceptions). The Fire Stone is only for pyrokinetic (Fire Type) Pokémon and Eevee, and the Sun Stone is only for photosynthetic (having sun-based Abilities like Chlorophyll and Solar Power) Pokémon. Most of the Pokémon of the latter category are Grass Types, with Helioptile thrown in for good measure. From all this information, the Dawn Stone has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with sunrise or heat, but about certain genders discovering new powers from within. So if you want to evolve Snorunt into Froslass, don't worry. She's completely fine.

Statwise, Froslass is decent in her offenses, her unique Typing gives her pretty good attacking options, and her high Speed makes her one of the best Destiny Bond users in the game. Her main ability Snow Cloak is situational (though handy for dodging and Blizzard-spamming), but her Hidden Ability Cursed Body is wonderful.

Overall, Froslass is a creative, useful, and interesting Pokémon. Maybe we'll see even more Pokémon based on yokai much like her in the later Generations. Who knows?

Pokémon belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, GameFreak, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company.
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