Yggdrasil Picture

I've drawn it before but wanted to update it a bit and try a different style.
The positions of the nine worlds all taken from the texts. ^^

So in the middle in green and blue is Midgaurd separated from Jotunheim with a mountain range (made out of ymir's eyebrow) Jotunheim (dark blue and grey) is apparently where Ginnungagap was so Niffleheim (light blue and grey) is to the north of it and Muspellsheim (Red orange and yellow) to the south.
I can;t remember where but I;m sure I read in one of the texts that Vanaheim (purple) is to the west of Midgaurd and Alfheim (green) to the east. Svartalfheim (brown and black) Has to be underground in Jotunheim and Midgaurd as the dwarfs grew in Ymir's dead flesh.
And Asgard (gold and bronze) is, of course, above, connected to Midgaurd by a rainbow.
Within Niffleheim is Helheim, shown with four black halls and with Nidhoggr hanging out round the root.
Asgard I've shown with it's wall and a gate by Bifrost. Within it four halls represent Valhalla.
Alfheim I've tried to make one side more dark the other more light.
The yellow swirlies in the background represent stars the light blue are galaxies.
The orange and yellow swirl represents the sun and the grey is the moon. ^^

Oh and Ratatoskr is half way up the tree ^^

for close up see: iglybo.deviantart.com/art/Clos…
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