Lanie's Boys Picture

Okay since I posted Marybeth and everyone has seen Lantana and Oleander its time I introduce more of Lanie's future family.

The beautiful blonde is Luciano, he was a shipwreck surviver and was adopted from the Caribbean, but Lanie is positive he is originally from Italy. Luc (nickname) is a kind go with the flow person and kind of a smart ass he tries to act like everyone's older brother even though he's the second youngest of all of them he's reckless and easy to anger. He reincarnates the gods(and goddesses) of the sea, water, nature,storms and the moon. He is constantly getting arguments with Andor.

The lovely ravenette is Gilbert, he is a adorable German boy who was abandoned for the possibility he would be blind by the time he was 10. He actually has extraordinary vision and can focus on two objects 100 feet away. Gilbert is overly friendly and flirty to anything on two legs, as well as having supreme hatred for arguing and fights which constantly gets him labeled as a pacifist even though he has no problems kicking any of is younger "brothers'" asses if they step out of line or do something to piss off Lanie. He likes to watch ROM COMs and horror movies and has a perverted sense of humour. Everyone often speculates he has a thing for Lantana even though his "secret" shipping chart says other wise.... He is the reincarnation of the gods and goddesses of love, romance, passion, friendship, and beauty (I did everything possible to make him ironic)

Lastly we have Andor (he's emo!!!!), he's from Norway and after Lanie took him in (I mean when he's like 8 he was 2 when he was adopted) he became an expert on all mythologies, he was already a know it all and after he's brush up on their origins he became an impromptu boss of everyone he's the same age as Luc, but he counts the months in-between their birthdays as making him older, he constantly finds thigs to complain about but has a huge soft spot for Marybeth he always wants to "help" even though no one wants or needs it he's kind of arrogant but he's also a softy and likes it when one of the girls puts him in his place. He likes stability and controlling things and it's constantly challenged by Luc and they end up either arguing or full blown fighting. He's the reincarnation of all the gods and goddesses of the sky, order, wind, weather, the sun and electricity.

There we go the last of Lanie's boys and damn are they a hand full. It's a good thing she tolerates their shenanigans and has Gilbert to keep them from going out of hands.

These guys are mine so is Lanie

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