Oedo Warriors Meme Template Picture

Greasy-LucarioYun Productions Presents: Another Meme!

Oedo Warriors, based on Ganbare Goemon series!

Honorary Army Leader - The main protagonist of this history, it's the one who leads this army.
Loyal Sidekick - The Leader's best friend and second fighter.
Robot Partner - Created by the Out of Time Engineer to follow up the army.
Kickass Female - The female warrior of the group that usually fights near.
Calm Samurai - The Swords fighter of the team that is focused on inner peace. Usually the Stealth Ninja's rival.
Friendly Yokai - A monster that fights against evil, not only can be a yokai, it can also be a mythological being from other cultures!
Vampire Killer - The one that fights yokai but has respect on the one that's on its team side, few times has the surname of Belmont.
Shrine Maiden - The second female that uses mystic spells to support the warriors.
Stealth Ninja - The Shadow assassin of the team that has quick feet. Usually the Calm Samurai's rival.
Heavyweight Power - The brawns of the team that has brutal force.
Ancient Pet - The cute animal that has conscience and can kick the baddies butt.
Fireworks Maniac - The one that loves explosives and fights with fire weapons.
Out of Time Engineer - The invention crafter which its technology is so far superior that it seems that it come from the future!
Younger Apprentice - The newbie in training that needs to be taught and dreams to fight and protect its village.
Kamikaze Chef - The cook of the palace that does the most gourmetsome dishes on its menu, but has hot iron to fight against the enemy.
Zen Master Tactician - The old man or woman who teaches the army, mostly the Younger Apprentice and does the tactics to proper fight the enemy army.
Emperor of the Rising Sun - The king of all its village lands, is the one that controls the economy of its village.
Heir to the Throne - The princess of the village, can be the damisel in distress or the badass cute girl that breaks down the enemies surprisly! However, if you like, it can be the male prince.
The Impact Mecha - A giant machine that came from other space or was built by the Out of Time Engineer with a deadly arsenal, the Leader summons it by blowing the shell horn and the entire army can ride it.
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