Pelion Ref Picture

Name: Pelion
Name Meaning: It's the name of a location in Greece where, in Greek mythology, the great mentor Chiron the Centaur lived.
Nickname: Pel
Reason for Nickname: Short

Birthday: March 9
Age: Young Adult / 24 (human years) / 5 (horse years)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Thessafino (based on Thessaly, Greece)

Talent: Photography
Cutie Mark: Winged Camera
Job: Photographer
Social Status: Middle-class

Body Build: Lean
Physical Description: Average height for a stallion, but has slightly thinner legs and a much thinner, smaller muzzle. His coat is lavender blue, and his flight feathers are pattens blue. His eyes are round and royal blue. His mane is short, and colored cherub pink and hummingbird blue.
Real-Life Breed: Welsh Pony
Walking/Flying Pace: Casual, somewhat slow
Speech: Soft-spoken, polite, well-educated

Personality: Pelion is very shy, comparable to Coco Pommel, and is a bit hesitant when it comes to speaking his mind or approaching new people. He warms up to people slowly, but tries to be polite regardless of how well he knows the ponies around him. He's very passive, and doesn't like to barge into others' business or personal lives. He's humble, but loves to be complimented. When he's with Saffron Sun, his childhood friend, he's more outgoing, and will eagerly speak up in agreement to Saffron, or debate differing opinions with him in a quiet, open-minded manner. while he loves photography, and is exceptionally good at it, he's very anxious about sharing his photos with others, needing to be pushed to publish or submit any of them. Once he has, though, and has heard praise for his abilities, he becomes very proud of his accomplishment, and will sometimes humblebrag, though only to those he's close with (such as Saffron Sun).

What do they fear? Public humiliation
What is their favorite color? Blue
Their favorite weather or season? Late Spring, sunny
What is something they would never do? Put someone at risk for a good photo, sell himself to a bigger corporation for advertising.
What do they love? Natural beauty, and natural warmth. Rainy days, sunny days, music, and parties.
Do they have any habits?
Do they believe in love? He believes love comes in many forms, but no one form is better than any other.
How far would they go for someone they cared about?

Hobbies: Photography
Prized Items: His cameras
Goals: TBA
Strengths: Photography, seeing natural beauty, still-flight (flying without bobbing too much, for a stable and clean photo), panoramic shots
Weaknesses: Publicity and socialization

Family Living/Dead: Unnamed father, unnamed mother, unnamed sister

Important Past Moments: TBA

Have they ever almost died? Manehattan is a scary, scary place.
Has anyone important left them?
After graduating from school, Saffron Sun decided he was going to move to Manehattan to check out the city life. Pelion became very depressed and reclusive after failing to beg Saffron to stay. After encouragement from his parents, Pelion packed up his things and went to Manehattan in search of his best friend, hoping to stay with him.
Were they bullied?
Were they popular?
Was there anyone they looked up to?
Saffron Sun
What was there favorite place to go as a kid?
As a kid, what did they want to be when they got older?
Pelion had originally hoped to be a painter, but after his mother found some photographs he had taken of a bluebird and told him how amazing and beautiful they were, he earned his cutiemark and became a photographer instead. He doesn't mind the change.
What was their most embarrassing moment?
What moment are they most proud of?

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Pelion (c) me

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