.:Sophia and I:. Picture

Sophia and I...

I know this may sound stupid or crazy with my mind and saying but, I always have these hallucinatory dreams that I was in a different era or, a different universe.

I always come out as a creature that fits for me, but I always wait under a blossom cherry tree while over the cliff, looking out towards the blue hue purple sea with couple of moons and one sun in setting. I always awaited my own good time before someone comes over to me to talk. I always had known her when I first met her, you might not now how we met or how I know her much. She use to be in stories from one of my friends stroys. Her name, is Sophia, The heir Empress of Erona. She is just like me but different from her view. The form she comes in was called a Quilin, a dragon, deer form. She was beautiful as she always gave smooth trotting over me.

We always lay down and talk what was happening in my world and hers, I know its all real but you won't see it with your own eyes. For once, me and sophia had the same thing, we don't wanna be alone, forgotten. Sophia always give me motherly love and support then any other people that she can do better.

But once its time to go, I will always visit her sometimes. We give each other friendship and mother like daughter figures. I still remember it now, telling you this. I know this is weird and short. I can't tell you the rest. Its up to you, if you want to learn the truth.

(Sophia) (c) FMB
( Quilin form) (c) Chinese Mythology
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