Fen: Tattoos Picture

A little Q&A with my OCs over on my instagram.

“Ask my OCs questions and they’ll be answered with a drawing”: @ flaming.gay.pride asked “What are all of Fen’s tattoos? Would he ever get a tattoo of his sister’s name?"
1) I think when you look at Fen, the first tattoo you’ll notice are the camellias on his neck. his first tattoo, too. tbh those are my favourite tattoos of his, not just because flowers look fucking good on him but also because they have some fucking brutal meanings. Camellias were absolutely hated in a lot of older eras in Japan because when they wilt, they drop by the head instead of petal by petal like most flowers do. And He’s just got them on his neck like a big "fuck you!” 😂
2) Crescent Moon on his shoulder that matches Kumi’s Sun on her corresponding shoulder. This kinda answers the second question— he’d never get her /name/, because he thinks name tattoos are lame but they have several matching tattoos + he has a few foxes that symbolizes her. I think everyone knows who Fenris Wolf is, Fen’s namesake from Norse mythology, but Kumiho is also the ninetailed fox in Korean folktale. ALL of Kumi’s tattoos are done by Fen ❤️❤️❤️
3) The howling wolf on his upper left arm he got added after the moon.
4) Hahahaha it’s hard to see the “dum woof” he has on his left wrist so the bigger version is on the bottom right of the photo. Forest Stelae (people call them Four for short), his significant other, drew it for him and they know they’re a shit artist but Fen just found it so goddamn amusing that he got it tattooed without telling them. The smile on their face when they found out was priceless.
5) Onto his left hand! These are probably my second favourite because…. ah…. fuck. He’s got the bands on his fingers, two for each, except for a small “4” on his ring finger. GUESS WHYYYYYYYYYYYYyyy 😚 He didn’t tell Four about this one either, he just left it for them to find on his body and it took them a while after it healed bc they forget things 😗 They took a bath together one day and Four was chillin, playin with his hands, and then *insert freakout here*
6) Blood splatters across his left waist 😳
7) Tree branches starting from his right shoulder and stretches out across his chest. I like this one too because it unifies all his other tattoos, I think!
8) Luna moths on his right forearm

9) The claw marks are there to cover the scars from his childhood, mostly from belts. They dont cover all of it, but hey it looks fuckin cool. If you ever wondered what the scars on his left cheek are, theyre also claw marks, from his mother. 😶
10) A small “I love you” written by his significant other, on his left shoulder. He wanted the two of them to get matching tattoos, but didn’t tell Four what exactly they were getting. Four trusts him though, especially with tattoos. He tattooed “I love you” in his handwriting on their shoulder first, had them write their own “I love you” unknowingly, casually, on paper, and later got that on his own shoulder. “YOU FUCKING DORK,” shouted a happy Four when Fen finally showed them both their tattoos.
11) PAWS PAWS PAWS!! 🐾 This one also has a story! On Fen’s 19th birthday, Four got Fen a FRICKIN PUPPY, a pure black belgian shepherd named Zero! The small paw was tattooed when Zero was a puppy, the bigger paw as he grew up. (I kind of cried a little when my girlfriend suggested this tattoo)

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