Aeternum - Raxgond 2015 Picture

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This file is so big I literally only made it 50% for the record.

This image features Raxgond (pronounced RACKS-gund, such as burgundy) herself, one of my seven personas, who represents both positive (lunar) and negative (solar) themes, as well as a neutral force to either. While she rarely makes an appearance within my actual storylines, she’s a very important figure to the very fabric of how the Se-Nathiir Kaba galaxy works. The writing on her design is Phraalixian (the ancient form of Phraalixaconian - my world’s fictitious language) and roughly translates to Sun and moon, cloaking all under the brilliance of my wings!

This is a remake of an image I did in 2013 - dare to compare! I changed her face/head from being more humanoid to her actual non-humanoid, creature-esque form as it honestly just looks nicer.

Raxgond is actually The Daxtianette - basically, the Queen of the daxtians, who are viewed by mortals as a sacred species / considered divine / extremely good luck to see one. They’re actually so incredibly rare in the mortal world that less than 1% of the entire population of the galaxy will ever see one in their entire lifetime, which is exactly for this reason that the majority of mortals actually believe they’re just a fairytale / mythology. I’m not even revealing the entire nature of the daxtians, either, as it’s actually major spoilers to some of my stories.

Raxgond herself basically oversees two worlds - Teiru Itosii and Teiru Anuki. The first is where all daxtians reside, a realm where mortals cannot access; the farthest any mortal has been able to reach*** is an “entrance”-type area known as The Lyricals, which is where my character Cento, more commonly known by his alias “Lyricals” or just “Lyri” for short, gets his nickname from, due to his involvement (see more below). The Lyricals (the location) contains a ginormous black gate that spans the entirety of it, keeping out trespassers, and guarded by an Inquathan known as Di-Zhavoc. This gate is actually known as The Shadow Gate (which is also the name of the sixth book of the Realm of Dreams series, the book in which Lyri/Cento is featured as the main character).

(***With the exception of Soknos, who is a permanent resident of Teiru Itosii / a special case due to the results of PROJECT LYRICALS, an experiment run by the group SOAM - Scientific Observation of the Ancient Magics - the leading organization in science/technology/magic basically, or more accurately, the illegal branch-off of this group referred to as AKDU - Artificial Kadruké ‘Darkindian Union - Kadruké ‘Darkind basically translates to “creator of ‘Darkind” ((’Darkind collectively refers to Celmdar, Melcdar, Sunadar, and Nasudar)), whose leader, Gell Shahn Keeah, is one of the four main antagonists to the Realm of Dreams series and a personal adversary to both Orcane and Lyri. Soknos, whose fate has forever been tied undeniably to Axamuli, the Nasudar of Teiru Itosii, is basically a prisoner inside the realm and / or taken there for his own good. It’s like protective custody in a way. Seeing as it’s a paradise, Teiru Itosii isn’t a bad place to hang out the rest of eternity. Both Lyri/Cento and Soknos are actually results of the PROJECT LYRICALS.)

The second world that Raxgond oversees, Teiru Anuki, is a world completely devoid of basically… everything. If Teiru Itosii is a paradise, Teiru Anuki is a hell. There are said to be two parts to the world; one side is blindingly bright / ridiculously intense / burning agony, and the other is blindingly dark / infinitely lonely / cold and numbing. (IF THIS SOUNDS FAMILIAR DUE TO MY PERSONA NIHILO, IT SHOULD.) Either way, staying in this world for any amount of time will drive an individual completely insane or completely broken. This world un-makes a person / destroys the sense of self (literally 404 Person Not Found mode / invalidation of self, thus the name for the ninth / final book of the Realm of Dreams series, “To Destination Invalid”). It’s a pretty static, unmoving, stale state of being. Luckily, this world cannot be accessed by mortals; the only way to wind up in Teiru Anuki is by disrupting the order of the universe in such a profound way that Raxgond deems you too unsafe to allow in the mortal realm. It’s a world of banishment/exile/annihilation basically. Not a fun place to be.

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