Ashley Manrique ref Picture

Ashley is now a personal PJO OC! She stars in Earthdragon2 and FaithJaguar story! Check it out, it's pretty awesome!

Name: Ashley Reina Manrique
Close friends and relatives usually call her Ash
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: 5 June, 1999
Hometown: Barcelona
Current Residence: Camp Half-Blood, all year round
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Godly Parent: Hermes

Physical Appearance:

Ashley is pretty tall for a girl and has no problem with this. She's very tanned, due to her being from Spain and always being out in the sun. She has freckles and grey eyes. Her hear is bleached blond with brown dye. Her hair is always in a ponytail, can be with a braid sometimes. She's fairly muscular.


Ashley is very athletic and generally very good at sports, though when is comes to canoeing she sucks.

Ashley is a really outgoing person! She loves to talk with other people and make friends!

Ashley has no problem with lying, since she has done it all her life. She does it often, but only lie about big things to keep people safe. So if she does that, she consider you her friend.

One of the boys:
Ashley here is one of a boy-ish girl! SHe hangs out with both boys and girls and get along just fine with them.

She's very sentimental, but keeps her feelings hidden most of the time, so people won't think she's just wants attention.

- Football and swimming
- Carrots
- Water
- Accents
- Music

- Bullies
- Attention seekers
- Flying
- Darkness

Ashley grew up in Barcelona, Spain. Her childhood was fairly normal, but she was almost always lonely. Her mother never thought much about it, as they thought she had plenty of friends. Reality? Only 3. And she rarely saw them. Her only relief was to go swimming or playing football. When she became a teenager she would often steal things, mostly small things like sweets and money. She also pulled a lot of pranks on her few friends. Then it all changed when she got attacked by a harpy. This wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been for her mother getting in the way and killed. A satyr, who had been carefully making sure Ashley really was a demigod came to late and only managed to get Ashley safe away from camp. When she came to camp, 13 years old, her father Hermes claimed her. Ashley, who had studied Greek mythology in school was pretty excited, but also devastated. She lost her mother, but doesn't seem sad. She has been staying at camp for 2 years now.

Her celestial bronze knife, mist version is her necklace.

She has refined senses and is extremely stealthy as well as being quicker than most. Along with that she can get away with stealing almost everything without being caught, this does not include cars, lots of money etc.

Any disorders or medical problems:

ADHD and mild dyslexia


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