Unicorn Oracle 4: Chilli Picture

Another Unicorn Oracle Character. Meet Chilli the Chi-Lin! Chi-Lin are so special and I love working with them. They're quite diverse, but they are all incredibly wise. Chilli doesn't look a lot like my other Chi-Lin (most of them are sketchies in my sketchbooks rather than here on DA, but I will post a finished one eventually!) but that's part of what I like so much about her. Chilli is drawn with Derwent Coloursoft Pencils on A3 artists pastel paper by Mont Marte. I drew her last year before the RSI set in, but it took me ages to get a good photo of her!

My Unicorn Oracle project is a work in progress that I've had going on and off for ages. I think I created my first plan for the Unicorn Oracle in 2003, and I've played with another one, the Unicorn Legends Oracle, more recently too, which some of you might remember. Then last year in November, on the full moon, a herd of non-physical unicorns came to visit me (in case you're wondering where this is going, I'm a Unicorn Intuitive, so this is normal for me!) They gave me the run down of how they actually work with humanity and asked me if I'd get to work on the Oracle already. When a herd of unicorns asks you for something, you generally agree, they're kinda awe-inspiring and inspirational that way!

Following in italics is the first pass at the card meaning. I welcome any feedback on both the art and the card content: I want this to be a useful deck that helps others get the hang of the work I do daily with my unicorn guides. If you pulled this card from your imaginary card deck, would it be useful to you?

Sacred being of wilderness and water: her streams run through bamboo canes, in mountains chill and meadows fragrant with cherry blossoms. Chilli wanders her shrinking wilderness, seeking the just people with true hearts. Such people treat all of creation with respect and care, even when it’s unfashionable to do so. As she travels, Chilli finds many such people, but she remains hidden, for most people shroud their love with misery. She senses how their torment over lack— lack of peace, lack of money, lack of love— is all that holds back their peace. If they were to forget this lack for a moment, and shift into the gratitude and abundance nature offers, they would see Chilli standing nearby, and she would tell them the power of gratitude. But those in misery are blind to magic so she cannot. But she is not concerned.

Chilli is a Chi-Lin: a most gentle and powerful ancient kind of unicorn. She is a priestess, a seeker who roams the Earth that her ancestors created, alongside Dragon, Tortoise and Phoenix. She greets the creatures, restores balance, and sees that all is well. The memories of the Earth’s creation are so vivid within her that she’s not clear if it was she who was there, or some great fore-mother or father. As she wanders the Eastern lands, she discovers that all is not well, but unlike us, it does not bring her unrest. While she will lower her horn to restore the water to purity and the seedlings to life, she doesn’t sink to anger and despair when she comes across a field being cleared, or poisons leaching, or people starving. She knows that the people clearing such land, spreading such waste, or conquering their kin, are trying in their way to create the Paradise they instinctively know is their right to behold. She does not begrudge the forgetting that leads to their actions, any more than she would begrudge a baby for crying or a toddler for hitting. She sees the wise beings they will become when they’re mature, and she sees those spirit beings from her own home in Heaven that are helping them. Simply by seeing the potential of those around her, she brings great energy and blessings to them, enabling miracle changes wherever she goes. For those who have pure hearts and just intentions, the insight she brings can flow in and bring a miracle resolution, an unexplained purification, or miracle survival, no matter their trials.

Chilli knows that Nature can never be conquered. She should know. She was there when the star we call Sun was born. She was there when Sun exploded and changed forever, creating the planets. She was there, too, when the Earth was struck by a massive asteroid, reduced it to a boiling, raging apocalypse of fire. And yet this collision brought the stuff and conditions: the tilt of the Earth that brings the seasons, and even the moon for our tides; so that life could take its first form here. She saw the bacteria in their first days, when the green ones out competed the purple ones and changed the atmosphere. Many beings died out in this time, but the plants and sea creatures were born and rose into mighty forests both in the air and below the waters! She saw the dinosaurs in their days of birth right through to their demise, soothed their burns and hunger and rage, and sought the pure hearts who would go on. Those dinosaurs became the birds as the new world was born, and the monotremes, and the amphibians and the reptiles who have in turn become the mammals and the People, the most recent of her world’s creations. Chilli knows that, no matter what the magnificent, though still young, People do in the world, they will bring about the next new world, perhaps violently or perhaps gently, who can tell? It has all happened before. Change will bring about the next unexpected and desired expression of her beautiful, magical world, and it will be oh-so-good. So she seeks the Pure Hearts who will become what will be next. She brings back the purity that is needed to support them, ensuring that Mother Earth is in integrity as changes unfold. And she knows that some part of the Life she nurtures will go on, even if it is only in the form of amino acids carried by an asteroid to a new world, just as our world began. Life: unconquered, forever.

Chi-Lin are the primordial, dragon-like, most ancient and long-lived of the unicorns. They live in or close to water in Heaven. Frequently depicted in Chinese mythology and art, they’re often represented in carvings and paintings that are thought to bring abundance to the home in which they are placed. Chi-lin know that life can never be conquered, and this is indeed a consciousness of abundance! As well as bringing material abundance, they appear when a pure soul is to be born, recognised, or die. Such pure souls bring change that is natural and stems from love, not fear or resistance. If you are seeking to force change, particularly in the arena of environmental activism, Chilli asks you to please stop. You are not acting from love or your truest self, which are the sources of true magic. Nothing good can come from actions made from misery and blindness. Do as Chilli does, and open the door to Universal Magic by focusing on the potential, the wisdom, and the holiness within even the least of those you observe. Achieve purity and a state of universal abundance, through gratitude and time in nature, and the path forward to the world you seek will become clear. Chilli considers the path of demonising or persecuting others to be akin to shaking a crying baby. She understands why someone might do it, but she would never do it herself. Would you? Remember your answer next time you judge another being. We are all doing the best we know how in this moment.

Chilli’s signs include starry nights rich with water insects such as dragonflies; pandas, especially when accompanied by a unicorn among the bamboo; exceptional displays of gentleness in yourself or others; a combined interest in evolution and mystical creationism; Chi-Lin statues or paintings; Japanese and Chinese gardens; and the scent of Green Tea and/or Jasmine. Combine any of these with the spicy chilli and you know your unicorn is near, perhaps hiding in the water in the form of a Koi fish, or watching you from Heaven. She brings the feeling of profound Peace, and a knowing that there is a grand design to all life and that, no matter how things appear, all is going to be well. She may also bring the desire to do something non-confrontational, sweet and good for the environment, such as creating a sacred garden or buying and protecting a small bit of wilderness, or planting and nurturing a native, endangered plant. Perhaps she will call you to a sacred place or a tradition of Asia that will help you get in touch with the Infinite Peace of the Creator that still lives within you.

You never know which pure soul you nurture now will make its way into the magnificent and desirable future. It might be your garden, it might be someone you touch with your gentleness, or it might just be you.

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