Mali Burner Picture

Name: Mali Burner (m-al-E burn-er)




Theme colour: Brown

Shirt symbol: balloons

Pesterchum Handle: MotherBarūn

God Tier:knight of space


Strife Specibus weapon:ball&chainkind (id be a chain with a spike ball on each side for swinging around)

Fetch Modus:randomizer mobus

How does the Fetch Modus work?: push the button on the box and it will give you one random object you've put in it

Guardian: Older brother

[Pet]: Goldfish (frank)

Dreamer: alot more hyper than awake Mali

Dream Planet: Prospit

Where is YOUR house?: small house on the edge of a large city

What do you like?: her friends , sweet things , the night , pet gold fish , balloons, video games (duh) , potatoes

What do you dislike?: family , hot weather , her art (yet she can't help but draw), Ryan’s movie taste,

Your Land is the Land of : midnight and frogs

* Your Land Consorts are: brown with white spotted Water monitor’s

* Your Denizen is: a roc (giant mythological bird)

* The Quest of your land: bring back the sunlight by collecting parts of the fake sun returning the daytime so the frogs will wake up from there sleep

* Your Totem Animal:dragonfly

Miscellaneous GAME Aspects:

* Kernelsprite Prototypings: Balloonsprite (she throws in a balloon because why not) balloonfranksprite (she throws in her goldfish next because he dies )

* Server Player: Ryan Crosen

* Client Player:Troy Howery

* Cruxite Artifact: balloon (inflate it and then pop it after)

How do you look like?:

* Height: 5ft 5

* Weight:165lbs

* Hair: black, with some dyed white streaks (its like the space aspect symbol but less lines)

* Eyes: Brown

* Any injuries/ deformaties?:nah

* Any tatoos/ piercings?: nope

* Any other notable aspects?:no

Your typing habbit: types super fast and doesn't bother going back to correct things or punctuate sentences, will most likely use commas more than anything, will use emojis often, if someone is a jerk about her grammar/spelling she’ll purposely spell worse

[Explain yourself, pronto! :3]

Example: yo bro , hows it hangen , anthinyg new whree your from? :3

wat? mie grammer es off? y , i dunt ondur stund wat u men


* Boy/Girlfriend:nah

* Siblings: older brother

* Best Friend: n/a

* Greatest Enemy: n/a

* Patron Troll: landes

Any extras?:she cairs for her friends more than her self or family , she’s very motherly to her friends, treats them how you'd expect her to treat her family to strangers she is very shy ,and to people she hates/is hated by shes a smart ass, she has abandonment issues so she has a hard time leaving someone permanently.

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