New Stone Age World Map Picture

Here is the map of the 2160: New Stone Age world, in which humanity has reverted back into a Stone Age culture and consists of members of the species between the ages of 5 and 16. About only 17 million humans remain on Earth (12 million in North America) and eventually discover that a few species of animals from the pre-apocalypse have already evolved and became intelligent and dangerous. The world's climate, although still suitable for life, has become home to primeval jungles, scorching deserts, and treacherous wastelands beasts that have been mutated into deadly enemies (with the exception of insects, amphibians, and spiders). And do notice that there are NO ADULTS in this world.


The Federated Chiefdoms of Tharucia (blue) are a unified confederation of savage warriors with a unique talent of sword-making, archery, and shipbuilding. While being the largest of the human lands, it is also the most strongest and disciplined as well. Once a collection of small, warring tribes within the Great Salt Lake (Utah), the Federated Chiefdoms eventually expanded its borders through diplomacy and minor raids. Throughout its history, it was not involved in a single war as its influence grew to unite the tribes of the West (Western America). Compared to other human tibes however, Tharucia also holds memories of the Cold War between the USA and the USSR (although they do not know of the name of the superpowers nor of their culture and ideologies; however, it is quite possible that they still know of the rivalry between the two and often called the Americans the "Yanki" and the Russians the"Russki"). In fact, many of the tribes often know the meaning of the word of detente and use the policy as a way to ease tensions and make peaceful relations with the other tribes. Since horses have survived, the Tharucians are also masters of horseback riding with the ability to fire arrows while riding. Each tribe in Tharucia has its own sovereignty, culture, religion, and legal system, but ultimately all of them share the same language (English) and are ruled by the Overlord and his council of chieftains. According to Tharucian traditions, the Overlord is often elected by the chieftains to represent the Federated Chiefdoms and often wields absolute authority over the warriors and diplomats of it. However, the title is only granted to those of male origin, due to Tharucia's strict and petty suppression of women's rights. Although each tribe holds its own legal system, all of them tend to have a common law that stands against murder and desertion. The punishment for either one of the two would always result in a sentence into arena, in which the criminal is forced into fighting the arena's beasts and could only redeem him or herself if he or she survives and challenges the beast through brute strength and savagery.

The Chilopian Kingdom (pink) is a confederation of tribal kingdoms within the Swamplands (Southern USA) known for its archery, agriculture, religious fanaticism, and its brutal slave system. The wealthiest and most religious of the major tribes of North America, Chilopia holds a vast plantation industry of cotton, in which primitive tools are often used to gather their cash crops for money. In the beginning, the Chilopian Kingdom began as a small, primitive society within the ruins of New Orleans and eventually fought against the other tribes of the Swamplands until a truce was forged to unite them into a single power capable of dominating the region and the Gulf of Awful Spirits (Gulf of Mexico). Compared to its more advanced counterpart of the 19th century (Confederate States of America), its slave system often subjects those of the poor who are forced by the landlords into endlessly working in the cotton fields and experience agonizing pain, no matter of one's race, nationality, or gender. the women who are sentenced to slavery are often forced into exposing their breasts and become full of embarrassment while toiling under the whips of the tribal slave-drivers. The language the Chilopians speak in is a mixture between Spanish and Native American language and is widely common within the Swamplands. The Chilopian Kingdom often serves as a bitter rival towards the Federated Chiefdoms of Tharucia while seeking to preserve its dominance and expand its influence westward.

The Yannobi Confederacy (red) is a confederation of tribes situated in the North (Northeastern USA) with a long tradition of lumber-jacking, fishing, scalping, archery, and art. Compared to the rest of the major tribes, Yannob is the most fortified and democratic with a council of tribal leaders and shamans guiding their people. Originally, the Yannobi were mainly a primitive people living off the coasts of New England and New York, in which ruined buildings towered over them. Overtime, the tribes of the North finally united and shared a vision of a democratic society governed by an elite class of wise, powerful, and professional leaders to guide them. With its beliefs being often similar to utopian socialism (i don't mean Communism), the masses are often chosen jobs by the Council without question and hold voting rights during elections. While entirely populated by tribal members of Irish-American ancestry, the Yannobi are obsessed with racial purity and are forbidden to mate with foreigners or "untouchables" (as in people with birth defects). Thus, they practice a form of eugenics that ensure the preservation of their race, even if it means doing so by committing acts of incest. Despite this, they are often friendly towards foreigners and often trade with outsiders, although they no not allow them to cross their borders or they may otherwise face death. Most of their artistic talents are more likely focussed on pottery, as they seek to use them as gifts to persuade travelers from ever coming to their lands. It often rivals the Chilopians and Tharucians in ways that almost seem extreme and fanatically, due to their spiritual belief in shamanism.

The Myzeotec Dominion (orange) is a confederation of tribes that inhabit the South (Mexico) with a culture rich with hunting, hierarchy, and death worship. The most primitive and violent of the major tribes, Myzeo has been well known for its twisted acts of worshipping death through human sacrificing in an almost religious fervor. In the beginning, they were merely a group of hunter-gatherers with little knowledge of the world beyond them until they spread outside of the Yucatan Peninsula and conquered competing tribes and then forced their enthralled subjects into sacrificing their women of royal bloodline. Myzeo, since its dark rise into a major power, has long practiced acts of religious persecution and cult worship. A superstitious people, the Myzeotecs are unaware of the origins of the Mayan temples and thought of them to be built by the Blood God during the creation of their world. They often speak in a language similar to Spanish and shout "For the Blood God" as their official battle cry against foreign threats and rebellious tribes. Women are often subjected into nursing children, cleaning up the house, and, during religious ceremonies, are often selected to be sacrificed. Homosexuality is often common and eventually marks the Myzeotec Dominion as a "sex-addicted death cult" in the eyes of the rival powers such as Tharucia and Yannob. Despite their inferior weaponry, their greatest weapon is often through large numbers and superior speed, causing chaos within the battlefield as they raid and pillage throughout North and Central America.

The Cursed Islands (brown) are a collection of islands that are home to tribal fishermen of African-descent. Much of their people and culture is unknown, although they are known for their acts of piracy and isolationism. Indeed, they are often seen by the major tribes as nothing more but mere pests of the Gulf of Awful Spirits. Voodoo tends to be their major religion and have no main language of their own.

The Anusaki Realm (Bluish-Purple) is an island kingdom consisting of primitive tribes led by warlords and spiritual leaders within the island of Anusaka (Japan). Compared to other human tribes, despite tribal divisions, they are often united under the rule of the Shintoist religion, which has somehow survived into the New Stone Age. Although unaware of the religion's true origins, the Anusaki continue to practice the religion with their hearts full of embrace and their minds contempt with the love of nature. The Realm was founded when the remnants of the Shintoist faith began to reunite the island under the warlord Anusaka the Great, who eventually renamed the island of Japan after himself and dubbed Anukdo (formally Tokyo) the spiritual capital. Since its founding, the Realm has become home to merchants and wealthy fishermen alike with an extraordinary obsession with trade and anatomy. Despite having themselves be reduced into a primitive, Neolithic lifestyle, the Anusaki are a rich people who continue to speak the Japanese language (now called Anusakese) and honor their ancestral bloodline with nobility and discipline. Tharucia, compared to the rest of the major tribes, is already beginning to admire the Anusaki Realm and its efforts to preserve life. The Anusaki are also travelers who mostly travel westward towards the seemingly ancient land of Misutochi (China) as well as the island of Taiposugi (Taiwan).

The Ipectian Chiefdoms (dark green) are a collection of fortified tribes of Stone Age pirates and barbarians who journey across the seas in search of loot and conquest, although most of their attempts ended in failure and confusion. Much is unknown about them other than their sword-crafting and shipbuilding techniques that almost make them appear to be the descendants of king Arthur, who is more likely viewed as a primal god than a medieval legend. As a result, they practice a monotheistic religion called Arthurianism (a mix between Norse mythology and the hero worship of King Arthur), claiming that they will be rewarded with eternal life within the floating kingdom of Camelot when they are slain in battle. Despite their brutality and greed, however, they are often a moral people who are abhorrent towards murder, rape, and discrimination against women. The Ipectians are often a glory-hungry people who more likely enjoy gold and battle than territorial expansion., as they are satisfied being in the Hollow Isles (British Isles). Their architecture also appears to be more advanced than all of the other tribes, since they were inspired by the surviving medieval castles of the Dark Ages and the remains of the Hadrian wall.

The Netufian Autocracy (red orange) is an autocratic federation of tribal warlords who rule over the lands of Photecria (Turkey) and Anokos (Bulgaria and Macedonia). A feared, expansionist people, the Netufians seek to expand their dominance across the lands of the Ancient Plains (Europe) by crossing the seemingly savage and hostile region of Acrena (Greece) as its first victim. However, such attempts are flawed, due to the carnivorous flock of giant vultures and fearsome scores of giant sea serpents that guard the gateway to their goal. Like the Ottoman empire before them, the primitive society of the Netufians appears to be multicultural and tends to support sexual slavery and the formation of harlems as its major business. the Netufians also trade gold and silver in return for money and better weaponry from foreigners. With slaves coming from the Ancient Plains to the coasts of the Barbori Trail (North Africa), Netufia is considered by the major tribes as a "cesspool of corruption, sex-addiction, and war-mongering cruelty."

The Kikennai Valley (teal), formally known as the Korean peninsula, is home to savage, warring tribes who appear to show hostile behavior towards outsiders with an obsession for protecting their territory and control their population. Much is unknown about them, although their language is similar to Korean.

The Yorugoi Confederacy (purple), formally known as West Africa, is a collection of tribal states governed by a Queen with absolute power. The people native to Yorugo are depicted as dark-skinned with red-eyes (due to radiation), African features, and an average height of 5 feet tall. They often wear loincloths and are bear chested, both men and women alike. Ancestor worship is common and tends to be used asa tool to justify the tyranny of the Queen, who rules over her jungle kingdom with cruelty and marshal law. Those of the tribe who rebel against her ultimately punished by death with the worst for of it being cannibalism. The enslavement of fellow natives and foreigners alike is extremely common in Yorugoi society, as like within the jungles of the region are hellish and extremely primitive.


The Feletian Empire (Aqua green) is an empire governed by a theocratic monarchy with the city of Alquan as its political, religious, and cultural capital. The inhabitance of Feletia are cat-like humanoids who stand at an average height of 6 feet, hold a complexed intelligence similar to humans, wield an ability to see in the dark, and appear to be technologically advanced. It is well known for its vast pyramids, mighty citadels, superior weaponry, and its capability to produce lightbulbs, the only source of modern technology left. However, they are too proud of their technological superiority to share their gifts and knowledge with outsiders, especially humans. An often curious and materialistic race, especially for racial members who are of poor status, the Feletians often use the knowledge of the "ancients" for innovation and rely on the their more primitive and tribal client states (dark-aqua green) to gather the resources needed to further advance their empire. Although their 40 year long evolution since the apocalypse is unknown and bizarre, it is clear that they soon developed the capability to create and build a permanent civilization in their own image and establish a hierarchal culture. Inspired by the culture, religion and politics of the Ancient Egyptians, along with the rational thinking and reasoning of the Ancient Greeks, the Feletians continued to improve their society and praise their rulers as agents of the Sun God. The Empire is ruled by an Asha'ra (Feletian for "king") and an Asha'qia (Feletian for "queen"), who both wield equal power and command a vast military consisting of flamethrowers, spears, swords, axes, shields, calvary, chariots, catapults, siege towers, and crossbows. The prime minister serves as the de facto leader of the legislative branch of the Empire, in which an Imperial Senate consisting of wealthy elites is responsible for establishing laws. When a law is passed, the Asha'ra/Ash'qai can either pass it or veto based on his/her authority and interest. Due to its seemingly totalitarian ideology, the "Honorary-Feletians", or mutated humans who are awarded for their loyalty and submission, are given jobs by their rulers, despite their taste and talents, and are often watched over and given the same size of clothing and boots, no matter how large or small the individual mutant is. Despite some of its treatment towards "Honorary-Feletians" being slightly similar to Marxism, most of its ideology is mainly modeled after Nazism, Social-Darwinism, racial purity, religious intolerance, fanaticism, and the obsession with scientific progress in search for perfection. Viewing themselves as a "master race" of the New Stone Age, they view humans, along with other mutants (with the exception of "Honorary Feletians) as uncivilized, dirty, bigoted, ignorant, savage, and inferior. Their pride tends to get the best of them at sometimes, despite the fact that they were originally pets to humanity. While living as long as 200 years, they appear to view themselves as "persons" and often treat humans as test subjects for their torturous experiments.

The Lemurian Ecumene (pale blue) is oligarchical republic situated within the Forbidden Ocean (Pacific Ocean), consisting of the islands of Lemuria and Hawaii (for some reason, despite Stone Age conditions, humanity still remembers the name of the island as well as its conquest by the Americans long before the Cold War). A fish-like race of brutish and intelligent humanoids, the Lemurians wield weapons that appear unimaginable in the eyes of the rest of the world, including gunpower (19th century firearms), ironclads, submarines, and flamethrowers. Compared to the rest of the non-humans, however, the Lemurians are not native on Earth, primarily because they may have came from space and colonized a small portion of land perhaps 150,000 before the rise of human civilization. Although unable to escape the planet, they somehow have more interest in exploring and conquering the planet than simply leave. Unlike Feletians, the Lemurians are more tolerant towards other races and hold a belief that their only path to salvation is to convert to the Lemurian way of life. They also appear to have a classless society in which the government decides over what product and how much of it to produce. Often, when facing foreign threats, it sometimes normal to them to exploit and sacrifice a few for the good of many in order to achieve victory. The Lemurians express fanatically egalitarian views mixed with elements similar to Communism and Buddhism, although their military system more likely mirrors that of ancient Sparta.

The Ekilim tribes (ice blue) are a collection of peaceful-isolationist tribes located within the region of Ekilia (Saskatchewan, North Dakota, and Manitoba). The inhabitance native to the land are white-furred, mouse-like creatures who are shorter in stature and wear primitive loincloths and tribal bracelets. The Ekilim evolved rapidly from a recessive breed of mice and became intelligent, yet primitive people who worship the "woodland spirits" of the Canadian forests. The weakest of the mutant tribes, they are also a divided people with several minor languages and cultures that essentially make any attempt of an alliance to be almost impossible. The minor tribes (dark-ice blue), who also inhabit the lands of Ekilia, are far more remote and with much hardship in their lives compared to the heart of the region. They usually go in small packs while hunting for mammoths (which were cloned back to life), wolves, deer, and grizzly bears for food and warmth. The rest of their culture remains unknown.

The Lycan Confederation (tan brown) is a region inhabited by tribes of humanoid wolves with a culture similar to the Native Americans. Savage by nature, the Lycan show hostility towards their neighbors and crave for violence against them and each other. Since the apocalypse, they had evolved from numerous wolves in Canada and embraced the ability to master agriculture and hunt for fish. While being omnivores, they mostly eat corn, potatoes, and cucumbers for their health. To the Feletrians, the Lycans are a dirty, primitive, sub-intelligent people who lurk in the forest wearing their "deer skins" while exposing their tails. Indeed, the word "Scroff" is often used by them to describe the Lycan race as inferior, promoting racism against them. The humans show fear towards the Lycan because they told each other stories of how one bite would turn a human being into a werewolf. However, the views made by both two races are often discriminative and nonexistent as the Lycan are often blamed many times for the hardship of other races. Cannibalism and inbreeding are common for the Lycan species without any moral customs in their society that go against the two, disturbing the rest of the races.
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