Afrikan Art - Ye Are Gods [Psalms 82:6] Kemet Picture

Inspired by Psalms 82:6 in it's ancient interpretation influenced by Kemetic papyrus: Taking a spiritual evolution of "knowing thy self." Raising oneself to take the inner challenge, the climb of knowledge (light bulb above head; within pyramid and wilderness in background representing forgotten history), climbing the 8 (8 also symbolizing infinite, eternity or immortality) steps into a supreme essence of self (the one in all persay), crossing over into the field of reeds (heaven) which is faintly shown in the crown of the Kemetic headress. The rising sun representing the East or Afrikan spiritual guidelines and principles being lost in transition in the West which the light bulb within the aura/pyramid and also symbolizes the setting sun in the mist of the wilderness (perpetually showing the climb into conscious thought).
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