PT: Leach Picture


✖ Name:
✖ Age:
Creature: 12,000,
Mental: 1062

✖ Gender:
Male … sorta
✖ Height:
✖ Race:

Leviathan lore:
Some of the fist creatures to inhabit the earth. As the smallest of creatures created by god left to evolve and adapt before any other. Once man and animal been created the Leviathan had already evolved to a near perfect state and grown a hunger equals to that of sin envy. Seeing how dangerous Leviathan were, god sent death banished them to purgatory, never to he interfere with the world again or endanger mankind, but some survived.

These wounded and crippled creatures where the impure and not as lethal as their predecessors. These Leviathans exist as a single organisms evolving rapidly (over a span of years) to adapt their surroundings. Mythology records them as water serpents or dragons but the full extent of their fun differs between each Leviathan.

Leviathans don’t ‘age’. A single leviathan can be considered ‘immortal’ in some aspects, as they live off a suitable substance. Their cells are replaced giving them the adaptability to survive aging, this however does not make same ‘person’(or creature), as cells replace and evolve so quickly older memories and consciousness gets replaced with it, this can take up to decades or minutes for a Leviathan to become some one ‘new’. Some document that this is their natural reproductive process, cutting out the need to reproduce with another when it can be done independently.

This does not however make them completely immortal, Leviathan are durable but fear fire among all things, the one element they cannot withstand and it has been noted that natural sunlight burns their flesh. A curse given from god for their sins.

Leach’s form is a tentacle like parasite creature infesting a dead host, his form is small but has adapted itself to living off fresh blood, hence his self given tittle ‘the leach’.

✖ Occupation:

✖ Abilities:
Enhanced strength
Enhanced Speed
Blood sent (ability to sniff out and district peoples sent from blood … kind of like a dog)
Rapid mutation (requires a lot of blood)

✖ Likes / Dislikes:
+ Blood
+ Cutting up meat, preferably living
+ Dark damp cold places
+ gluttony and lust
+ Mold
- Sun light
- Fire
- holy creatures
- insects
- humans
- angel

✖ Personality:
- Polite
- Charming
- Enthusiastic
- Sinister
- Sick minded
- Little to no ethics

✖ History:
Leach’s early memories began when he was mealy a small thought on what he could only describe as a monstrous hound like animal living in darker parts of England. 500 years on from that and his consciousness had finally matured and merged with the physical creature in the 1500’s England. This was a dark and dangerous time, witch hunters and priest claiming demons everywhere. For the over 250 years he lived as a large creature, assumed by local lore as boggy man in the woods, This he knew served him well, hiding away for as long as he did, but it never … enough, He grew envious by the other darker creatures, how they could inter mingle, the vampires, and ware wolfs and it was looking down at the smallest of creatures … a leach, that he augmented a plan. It took a manner of years roughly wards the 1800’s when he had ‘evolved’ into a greater being in his eyes. A small leach like parasite that infested the towns stray dog. From then on he had found ways to move between hosts, fist animals, then finally people. At the time he could only live in them as long as he could feed from them, hopping from one body to the next sapping it dry over a manner of years until he was able to evolve an ability to utilize others blood and take full control of the host.

From then on to the 20th century he lived his life evolving to become better and stronger working as a payed assassin given his evolutionary talents. Thankfully mythology became more fantasy, so hiding seemed to be pointless, but in the end it was science that defeated him.

With the new age of microorganisms Leach saw he that if any one could obtain the blood used in his body, they’d see he wasn’t human, and he found himself with very few places to hide. That was until he was offered a ‘deal’. A goblin offering him a way out of this world, to a new plane of existence for creatures like him. He jumped to the opportunity, throwing near all his money to the small yellow creature as the next thing he knew he was thrown to a new world … with only a map which lead to a place called … Pumpkin Town.

✖ Extra:
Can sprout tentacles from his back, not to strong if not ‘fueled’ with blood. sub>

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