The Fire Azuleons Picture

Azuleons are Science-fictionally created Mythological Superbeings who inhabit the dimensional existence beyond the threshhold of Realitical material Space and Time. In other words they are beyond the multiversical parametrical realm of our Infinitely Dimensional Universe and exist in phenometicalisation known as Anti-Reality.

This Materialistc Anti-Reality Consists of all The Supernatural Beings Humanity has ever Subconciously Dreamt and Visualised Creatively In books, poetry, films, art, sculpture, etc

The Fire Azuleons the Spirits of Our Dreams and our Creative Imaginations from Our Reality, Spontaneously Igniting into their Anti-Realitical existence and Birthing Materialistic Dream Spirits that flow through their Anti-Universe and "Generize" planet after planet with a creative force of Evolution in order so that planet can spark into life inorder so that Exotic Life can Biospherically Evolve. These Azuleons are the "Travelling Suns" which drift close to these planets in order to "sweetify" a particular planet with the right temperatural conditions in order for concious sentient life to possibly evolve (which believe me is an incrediably difficult and almost impossible thing to achieve naturally since it took Humanity 4billion years of Evolution to achieve that and to be honest the fact that humanity is here at all is some kind of Miraculous Miracle considering what "could" have happened if you read the books I`ve read). Hence my belief in a "God" because some "Supernatural Being" with some ounce of hope and faith in our existence must have Loved us A great deal.
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