Gloom Sketch Picture

Playing through my copy of Pokemon Gold to kill time, as my DS-lite is in Silicon Valhalla battling Pokeymans with Vikings for all eternity. Jormungund! I CHOOSE YOU!

Drawing members of my little team. Here is my Gloom. She knows Cut, Flash, Absorb and Sweet Scent. Once she knows Petal Dance and either Acid or Moonlight, I'll use a Sun Stone on her.

To create the most Emo as all fuck Pokemon in my Gen II game.

As when you think of emo girls, yuo think of cutting, flashing, cut little skirts, dances which end in confusion of hurting themselves and either moonlight or droping a LOT of Acid.

Between flashing and cutting we have a candidate for any feminine looking Pokemon to being emo. Yes, even Jynx... because some Emo kids actually don't look nice, rather than looking insanely hot and having huge self esteem problems about it.

Keep in mind, this Pokemon was caught from an Oddish, which is inspired by Mandrake. A plant of mythology that if you pull from the ground would scream so loud your ear drums break. As a Gloom the screaming weed turns into a plant that has been affectionately said to stink like several months of rotting meat... insulting words cannot be formed by people who wish to refer it as unaffectionate. Next is the cute flower thing that you know having sex with is a bad idea--but you want to do it anyways.

So: screaming weed, into smells like several months of rotting meat, to cute thing in a skirt that you want to have sex with even though it is a very bad idea.

Ah... emo kids... I love you to death. Which might be why they are attracted to me... that death part of that statement.

(BTW: those of you who are calling me drawing an Emo as all Fuck Bellosum... WATER IS WET YOU FUCKS! )
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