Chugaister Picture

Inspired by this song: Песня Чугайстра беларускай мовай
(Shadow of the Sun 'Chugaister' (in Belorusian))
This song is about Polissya, Exclusion Zone and mythological creature Chugaister that lives there, far away from humans. Chugaister is creature from very old slavic legends and myths.
I live in Kiev not very far from Zone. And my father was there after disaster, in 1982. So sometimes I think a lot about it.

I think this drawing isn't very good (but lettering is stylish, don't U think so?), but I was just drawing what I was thinking about. By the way, I was drawing it in school, listening to lesson XD

November of 2013

Excuse me for my English, please

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