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Her name is Xeria...she's a beautiful psychopath and plays the bad princess in my book.

Name: Xeria Furor( Furor means Blood revenge or vendetta)

Age: 23

Home: Blood castle

Heigh: 1,65m (she's very small but fast, strong, intelligent, skillfull and and and only her defensive is low- You could beat her only with a skillet if you would be able to get her)

Character: mean, temperamental, ingenious, belligerent, sardistic, sarcastic, she's a very good liar, strong, provocative, seductive- but only if she's in a good mood and there is a man she likes so there is a very little chance to find her in that mood-, proud, dishonest, narcissistic, vain, (bloodthirsty and psychopathic- only if she's operatin' on a human again or if you annoy her)

Weapon: A fan( there are very little swords in it and she only cuts your sinews so you're unable to move anymore- She likes to kick men in the balls with her very high highheels in that moment so be careful if you should ever meet her)

Skills: Everything( magic, speed, attack, hakuda...!)

Friends: No one except her monsters

Hair: glitter blond

Eyes: toxic green (but they transform into red if she's bloodthirsty and psycho)

Likes:Leo-the one who saved Ilenas live...they are both in love with him-.--experiments with animals and humans(she prefer humans), rockmelons, beat somebody up, fighting, training, grapes, being better than anyone else, blood, watch executions while eating, shadows(monsters), Zyirs(monsters), be mean, Latin(she always talks to herself in Latin), cats(she has got a shadow cat called Riu), looking in the mirror,reading ....

Likes not:Her sister, her familiy, anyone, dragons, (in my book there are 7 little animals that can transform into dragons- see under this data), flowers, Pflanzen, love, rotten rockmelons, stupitidy, people that don't understand her intelligent talking, plants


(male)Saltamonte(span.Grashopper)- the dragon of earth and nature-grashopper

(male)Delfuego(span. out of fire)- Dragon of fire- Ferret

(male)Aquantyx(Aqua Lat. Water)-Dragon of water- flying fish
His Brothers:
(male)Aéronoetyx(greek. new air)-dragon of air- seagull

(male)Astrapyx(greek lightning's flash)- I think you know- eel

(female)Cygne(I think you know what it means because it's francais)-dragon of ice- swan

Solaris the dragonking(male)(sun Lat.)- he's dead so who cares about him....-he was a firefly

The bad ones:

Cerberus(male)(the threeheaded dog.greek mythology): he has got two heads- if you cut one of them there will grow two new ones- hell's dragon- three headed dog.

Souda (hermaphrodite) The mega bad dragon
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