Seth and Sirus - Page 03 Picture

Page 3 of 3 of a snippet of a comic I did for class. It's based on the Egyptian legend of Osiris. I inserted Rivec as the role for Set because it seemed appropriate and I was too lazy to design a new character.

Vert was kind enough to pencil the last half of this coz I was running out of time.
"Proud Set, noble Set, the brother of Osiris, he who defended the Sun Boat from Apep the Destroyer, was unsettled in his heart. He coveted the throne of Osiris. He coveted Isis. He coveted the power over the living world and he desired to take it from his brother. In his dark mind he conceived of a plot to kill Osiris and take all from him. He built a box and inscribed it with wicked magic that would chain anyone who entered it from escaping.

Set took the box to the great feast of the gods. He waited until Osiris had made himself drunk on much beer, then challenged Osiris to a contest of strength. Each one in turn would enter the box, and attempt, through sheer strength, to break it open. Osiris, sure in his power yet feeble in mind because of his drink, entered the box. Set quickly poured molten lead into the box. Osiris tried to escape, but the wicked magic held him bound and he died. Set then picked up the box and hurled it into the Nile where it floated away."

- The Legend of Osiris [link]
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