Mother of the King of Kings - Goddess Ravirandala Picture

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Randal Maa/Mother Randala is considered to be an incarnation of Tripura Sundari/Parvati, one of Adi Parashakti's main incarnations. This is why sometimes, she is also referred to as Sri Rajarajeshwari (Mother of the King of Kings). She is also referred to as Ranna Devi and is said to be the daughter of Vishwakarman/Brihaspati, architect of the Universe.

Legend says that once, Goddess Randala went to the god Surya's home to borrow a baking skillet made of clay. It was Surya's mother who lent it to her, but said that if something were to happen to it, she would marry her son, Sun god Surya, in return. On her way to return the plate, Surya used two heavenly bulls to block her way suddenly, making Randala drop the plate. So, as the deal said, she married Surya and gave birth to two children, Yamraja and Yamunaji.

Surya, being the sun god, shone so brightly that Randala could not look upon him. Seeing this as an insult, Surya cursed their children to roam through the jungles for the rest of their lives. Randala, angered and saddened by this curse, escaped from her husband's palace. She made another image of herself (a clone), named Chhaya, so she could trick her husband into thinking she had not left. Randala went to Vishwakarman's house.

Her father, however, was not happy. He said that Randala belonged to her husband as soon as they were married. He sent her away, but she did not want to return to Surya. Turning herself into a mare, she stayed in the forest and meditated for 14, 000 years. Meanwhile, back in Suryadev's home, Chhaya gave birth to two children, Sanidevi and Tapidev. One day, Yamraja and Sanidevi fought. Chhaya cursed Yamraja for starting a fight with her son. Surya cured Yamraj, but wondered how a mother could curse her own flesh and blood. He became suspicious and began to question Chhaya about her actions, getting her to confess that she was only a surrogate and that Randala had run away. Suryadev found her in the forest and transformed himself into a stallion. There, Randala told him the truth as to why she could not look at him. To solve this, Suryadev gave her some of his own brightness. This way they could live together.

Chhaya asked Randala for a boon for playing her part obediently. Mother Randala promised her that whenever she was worshiped, Chhaya would be worshiped with her. Hence the double image.
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