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Once again, it has been some time since I posted artwork. Especially of Chione. And a lot of the pictures I've been posting as of late have been older or have never been uploaded up until now. After reconsidering designs of multiple characters I've made, I remade Chione's outfit. While I still love and will use her original outfit, I had to take into consideration that Beyblade is aimed for a younger audience, so not too much skin should be shown. At the same time, where Chione is from, clothing is limited, so it's iffy! But I wanted to be a bit more appropriate if I could. ;;

Nonetheless, I revamped some things and finally decided to write her biography out for those who need it. Her Beyblade(s) design will be in a separate art piece. A lot of tweaking went into her backstory, so I felt it only fair to be detailed on her life. This also isn't an official reference sheet, and Flame Phoenix is struck-out because it is a temporary Bey.

**I am aware that there is a character who already uses a phoenix, however I wanted to stay true to Egyptian mythology if I could. While I'm still editing her profile, changes may and can happen. But for now, I wanted to keep it as is to see how things will work. Her background information has been greatly summarized; I may or may not revise it. ;; I attempted Yoshihiro style as opposed to my own. And I forgot to draw the spots on the cheetah! Ahhhh hfdgbfdhs //

Also, her relationships can extend to others as well!

P e r s o n a l ♡ I n f o r m a t i o n

B i o l o g y

Name: Chione Nnamani
Name Meaning: "Chione"; Egyptian female name meaning "Daughter of The Nile".
"Nnamani"; root of the name, "Aman", meaning "Noble man".
Pronounciation: "Chione" [ English as "key-oh-knee" ] ; "Nnamani" [ Nigerian as "nah-mahn-knee"]*
Nationality: African
Ethnicity: Egyptian
Date of Birth: May 20
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Gender: Female
Age: [Changes depending on the season, and in order:]
Season One - Metal Fusion - 13-14
Season Two - Metal Masters - 14-15
Season Three - Metal Fury - 15-16
Season Four - Shotgun Steel - 22-23
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 48 kg

T r a i t s

[ ♡ | Intuitive | Sassy | Aggressive | Bold | Independent ]
[ ✖ | Haughty | Stubborn | Withdrawn | Temperamental | Aloof ]
Upon first meeting Chione, one can conclude she is a pompous and fairly cold character. Because of her well upbringing, she has a rather snobbish attitude which can turn some people away. It takes quite some time for her to open up, and even though she may remain civil, she has a high distrust of others. Her harshness is one of her main attributes; her bluntness and matter-of-fact statements present her a difficult character to converse with. Chione is a very observant person, thus makes her more weary of associating with others until she understands the type of person they truly are.

An extremely independent person, Chione is very bold with her words and refuses to sugarcoat things. While she is distrusting, she feels no need to lie or to inform others falsely. She dislikes relying on others for help, and is more invested on strengthening oneself. Because of this, there are times where she isolates herself from others both emotionally and physically. Honesty and loyalty are two traits she values strongly in a person, though does not expect it from every person she comes across.

Moody, and irritable, Chione is not without commenting a cheeky remark regardless of who she speaks to. She will let her voice be heard, whether one asked for her opinion or not. Her comments can be problematic at times due to her "mean streak", even though she attempts to "work on it". Her rudeness and audacious comments often distance herself from individuals her age, though she's come to accept how others will perceive her because of her mouth. She isn't above insults, either.

Confident in her abilities as a Blader, Chione is often regarded as being arrogant. She is a talented Blader, and because she began to extensively learn more about her Bey and the tactical methods of the game, she can be seen as a "know-it-all". Though confident, her calm personality starts to lift as things do not go as expected. She knows she is not the absolute best, but will defend her own or others if the situation calls for it. Honing her abilities with her Bey is incredibly important to her, but dislikes being told by others what to do. When training or battling, she is terribly persistent, to the point where it could truly hurt her.

Despite her "tough girl" persona, Chione is a very kind-hearted individual who seeks to do good. She has her deal of insecurities, and uses her false confidence and aggressiveness to deflect what she may feel inward. It takes a long time for one to discover her sweeter and more timid side, the side she's most afraid to display or have others know about. If one attempts to pry how she truly fees, they may feel a fist to their face.

B e y b l a d e ♡ I n f o r m a t i o n

Name: King Cheetah95SD
Bit-Beast: Cheetah
Type: Stamina
Constellation/Myth: Originally based on Mafdet, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of justice, protection and execution. She was represented with the head of a feline (cheetah, lynx, or leopard, or even in some cases, a lion.) Often referred to as "The Runner", Mafdet protected against venomous bites from snakes or scorpions, and was a fiercely strong opponent in battle. She protected the pharaoh as well as other sacred areas from harm.
Species: Acionyx jubatus (Big cat)
Element: Earth

Name: Flame Phoenix 95 MF
Bit-Beast: Phoenix
Type: Attack
Constellation/Myth: Originally based on Ra, the Ancient Egyptian Sun God. He is commonly represented with the head of a falcon, but has also been depicted with a beetle head, ram, hawk, lion, and cat, among others. He is commonly associated with the noon sun. Called "father of the gods", pharaohs referred to themselves as "sons of Ra". He symbolized warmth and growth.
Species: Bird
Element: Fire

B a c k g r o u n d ♡ I n f o r m a t i o n

Chione was born to a small, but wealthy family in Egypt. The second child to Chibale and Aboiye Nnamani, the Nnamani were descendants from Ancient Egyptian royalty. This is evident by the manner in which she speaks, her dress, and character. With her parents having a traditionalist beliefs, she often was at odds with their views of morality and association. Extremely strict, Chione had very few individuals her age she grew up with, many of whom proved to be artificial in nature. She was unable to converse or associate with those of lesser class, and was expected to carry the family age until she reached a certain point to marry.

Her most notable detail, her facial tattoo, masks a scar that she indirectly created. The tattoo is not completely permanent, though contains semi-permanent ink that is designed to compliment her facial features. It is not make-up, and cannot be removed with just water. Her family is extremely close to nature, and as such, are not without visiting the savanna and terrain farther from the area they reside in. The facial scar appeared after a venturous Chione stumbled upon a litter of lion cubs, and was clawed by a lioness. It was only by sheer luck she was spared, and this was due to her family and hunting dogs nearing the litter as well. The tattoo itself is called "The Eye of Ra", and was given to her for further protection from any harm.

At a young age, Chione was incredibly mischievous and snarky, traits deemed inappropriate for a female of her status. She was often punished, but this did not prevent her from venturing into areas outside of her home or even change her person. Eventually she would discover Beyblade by watching street children and even nobility in her area. Most notably, Chione would come across Demure, an extremely intelligent and kind-hearted soul. He helped her further her pursuit of knowledge about Beyblade. The battles and people would ignite a curiosity, and she would discover a separate Egyptian Blader, Nile. Many assumed she took a liking towards him, as she would always watch his battles with opponents and learn from him. After a certain point the two would actually speak, though the relationship would be difficult.

Some time later Chione would receive her own Bey, King Cheetah, though had to hide it and her activity from her parents. Her mother in particular disliked how it distracted and made her daughter look, as well as represent the family. Both her father and mother called it "a game for commoners", as well as having "no vision". Still, despite their warnings, the hard-headed girl played more and more with those she deemed as friends at time, and became stronger. Her goal was to surpass Nile, as he was the strongest Blader in Egypt, though she steadily worked her way up. It wasn't until the few Bladers she came to know informed her family of her frequent Blading, which subsequently caused herself to be punished and King Cheetah destroyed.

Time would pass, and Chione was forbidden to leave her home for fear of her safety and family reputation. She would receive homeschooling, and always had a guardian with her. Her spirits were often crushed and she retreated into herself, unable to continue Blading. It wouldn't be until Chione would receive a "tip" about events all around the world concerning Beyblade, which would regain her spirit and remove her from her slump. In addition, she would be given a new Beyblade, Flame Phoenix in absolute secrecy. By this time, her and Nile had a further strain in their friendship due to her over-protective parents and failure to keep a genuine friendship with him. Choosing to make her own destiny, she would remove herself from her current lifestyle and follow her childhood friend to Japan.

Upon arriving in Japan, it was a culture shock, and she wasn't exactly the easiest to come across. She was incredibly introverted, but active in the sense of finding her friends and to become one of the strongest. With her broken Beyblade, she also pursued to find a mechanic who would help her, if not redirect her. By accident, she would stumble upon Madoka Amano, a mechanic, who would befriend her. Chione grew closer to her, but was weary of Ginga Hagane, Yu Tendo and Masamune Kadoya. Leaving King Cheetah in Madoka's care, she would further her Beyblading independently. While she would not travel directly with them, they would cross paths on occasion. It was through Masamune that Chione would reunite with her childhood friend. The waiting period for to be fixed was some lengthy, but it was better than it had been. Madoka advised Chione to be more cautious using it in the future.

During this time, Chione was continuing to train and battle those in Japan, slowly rising in rank. Her Flame Phoenix had much more attack power than her original Bey, though was dangerous to use. However, the more she used it, the more accustomed she came to its power. Chione would eventually cross paths with Nile, and through an intense battle, emerge victorious, but at the cost of her consciousness. Though Flame Phoenix is not a cursed Beyblade, it's potential power is very dangerous. Because of this, she remains a target of interest.

While meeting the African Representational for the World Tournament, Chione would develop a name for herself, though was under an alias. Coming across Nile and Demure once more, a disagreement between the team leader, Kyouya Tategami, and herself erupted a battle in the city. Drawing nearby Bladers, Madoka and Ginga went in an attempt to stop the fight. Despite being warned, Chione's own hubris was the reason why her Bey broke once more, after a final clash between Fang Leone and King Cheetah.

Chione and Kyouya, just like many who encounter him, did not get along. After breaking, she blamed him for its state. In addition, his arrogance and ignorance rubbed her the wrong way, while her mouth equally irritated him. She accused him of having a false bravado, and weak heart when it came to Blading, which prompted a second fight between the two. Their battle was interrupted by a special series of events, though Kyouya would have won, despite Chione's stubbornness thinking otherwise. Following, their encounters were more squabbles than anything, and Nile would be the would to diffuse the disagreement.

M i s c e l l a n e o u s

Likes: [ ♡ | Discovering new music outside of her own country's | Dancing and very involved sports, such as gymnastics and dancing; she also enjoys swing dance | Exploring the outdoors | Keeping to her own | Japanese cuisine, most specifically sushi | Collecting plushes of her favourite animals | Writing events or conflicted emotions into her journal ]

Dislikes: [ ✖ | Her insecurities | Deception and dishonesty from those she [places] trust into | Small talk | Keeping things organized | Styling her hair | Networking, to a degree | The conflicted relationship with her parents | Kyoya Tategami]

Romantic Interest: Kyoya Tategami

R e l a t i o n s h i p s


Though originally they had a rocky relationship (mainly due to her attitude), Nile is one of the only true friends she has. Because the two grew up in the same area, it was inevitable that they would cross paths. After a chain of events the two would form an acquaintanceship and would eventually build their relationship over time. Nile had always an interest in Beyblade, which prompted and furthered her passion for it. As a young child she had difficulty grasping the concept of Beyblade, but was assisted by the Egyptian Blader. Nile was one of the best Bladers in her country, and secretly, Chione admired his strength when it came to a battle. Even to this day, the two remain close, and share a friendly brother and sister bond.


Despite refusing Demure's help, Chione would come to build a strong connection with him. He noted her passion and interest, so advised her to follow what her heart told her. It took some time for her to get adjusted to his personality, as he was a genuinely kind and helpful person. It struck Chione as odd, as she was so accustomed to elitist personas. Because Demure had such an extensive vision and loyalty, he provided a lot of support for her. Even though she would tease him at times due to his low self-esteem, she would reflect his support and friendship. At times they would practice with one another, and he would educate her about strengths and weaknesses of Beys and their types.

Madoka Amano

Chione truly appreciates the friendship that she has with Madoka. Madoka often encourages her to be more social, and is very empathetic. She trusts Madoka with her destroyed Bey, and understands the risk of it never properly being able to be used again. Similarly to Demure, Chione respects Madoka's knowledge of Beyblade being a mechanic.

Kyouya Tategami

Chione blames Kyouya for the destruction of her Bey, vows never to forgive him, and to beat him at every opportunity she receives. After his first victory over her, he commented that she "wasn't even worth his time", despite the rather intense battle. His remarks did not sit well with her, and upon losing King Cheetah, her distaste for him grew. Following her loss, her response was slapping him. The two are not close by any means, and have a mutual disliking of one another. Kyouya views her as a "weak, incompetent Blader," and she sees him as an "arrogant, try-hard who gets lucky". Unfortunately, because the both of them share a mutual friend -- Nile -- they must "deal" with one another.

E x t r a

-In Greek mythology, the name "Chione" or "Khione" is one of many. One is referred to as the Naiad Nymph of the River Neilos (Nile) in Aigyptos (Egypt) who was assaulted by a peasant. Later she was transported to the clouds and cast snow on the desert by Zeus' command.
-The tattoo that Chione has under her right eye (and her Bey possess as well) is the Eye of Ra, an Ancient Egyptian symbol representing Ra, the Sun god. It is often the symbol of growth, wealth, and protection, though many variant myths of the symbol exist.
-While she technically has two Beyblade, she only uses one consistently. Because King Cheetah is shattered, she uses Flame Phoenix as a replacement.
-The term "King Cheetah" is a rare genetic mutation amongst cheetah in the wild.
-Her hair is extremely long, and even reaches the floor. For hygienic purposes she often cuts it to her ankles, though it grows out quickly.
-Chione's eyes are a bright orange.
-She is left-handed.
-She has a height complex and becomes embarrassed when others mention how short she is.

Chione Nnamani (c) chihayan.

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