Orien Solaris Picture

Here's a big rework of an OC that wasn't supposed to look the way he did then. This was the original one, in case anyone's curious. It was a temporary design that I had planned on replacing much earlier, in fact.

What is Orien supposed to be?
- By name, Oriens is the latin word for "The East". This is in significance to the fact that he is a possessed book, to which his contents are mostly Chinese writings from multiple chemists, artificers, philosophers and royalties. He doesn't string his history entirely from eastern influences, but it accounts for a big portion of his physical and personified human form. This represents his literary origins, to which brought him to life.
- A little more word play and a simple letter change would make his name into "Orion", a great huntsman from Greek mythology who was believed to have been engraved into the night sky, in a perpetual battle against the scorpio which he would visibly charge at during the earliest part of the night and flee from at the coming of the sun. This represents his magic alignment to the cosmos.
- Solaris is another Latin word, which means "Sun". Orien gains the power and raw strength of fire during the day, and the power of the cosmos and all its mysteries during a clear night. He holds both magic alignments in his own reliquary that he guards, where ironically neither sun nor stars are present. It's fairly obvious what this one represents.

What is his personality like?
- He's very expressionless. He recognizes and acknowledges the significance of emotion among other living beings, but does not have the capacity to sincerely portray emotions for himself. He's not really critical about anyone, but he's very transparent about his intentioms and the things he knows.

What else is special about him?
- His physical body is made of assorted literary works from different world eras and universes, and his true body is the book that floats closely behind or around his physical body. His physical body can sustain near unlimited amounts of physical damage, but his true body can only take so much before he really perishes.

Is he a shut-in?
- Yes. Yes he is. :L

Anything more about him?
- Well, yes. Though I'll save the rest of his info for the next time he appears in my gallery.

I actually made this last February, but I completely forgot about it in my Stash. If you need a TL;DR section:
- He's a possessed book spirit with magic powers and literary knowledge. :V
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