Yggdrasill Blade Picture

This is my official entry for Mr. Endling's contest, specifically for Category A, create a unique race or creature. I hope you find time and patience in reading the elaboration of this character. After all, this is what this contest is all about, right?

Name: Blade

The Name
No, "Blade" doesn't refer to some sharp object nor it is named such to make it look cooler (well, maybe for just a teenie tiny bit but...). It actually refers to a leaf as in "a blade of grass." It is short for Yggdrasill Blade. Leaf of the Ancient Tree. You probably heard of the name Yggdrasill from Norse mythology or if not, in games such as Ragnarok. In Norse myth, Yggdrasill is actually a giant ash tree that binds Earth, Heaven and Hell with its roots and branches.
The Exterior
It has some physical features of a human (no need to mention which). It has no feet/ legs but it has a tail. So how does it stand? Well, it doesn't. It floats. How? I dunno either. It floats as high as an average person. Additionally, it has a seemingly large hood in which its whole body is attached to. Obviously, this is the leaf-like part. Central to its torso is a seed. Every Blade has one. Analogous to humans/other animals, it is its brain. It is also where the harnessed energy of a Blade is stored. How could an organism's brain be exposed so much? Well it must be made of a strong material. You see, it is literally a Blade's "nut." Finally, the horn like structure attached to its forehead is the stem. It is where all the veins and capillaries of a Blade is connected and centralized. When it turns its back, it really does look like a leaf.
The Behavior
Yggdrasill Blades are diurnal. They wallow in sunlight but completely inactive at night. That's because like a plant, it produces its own food. You know, by photosynthesis. When the warmth of the sun fades, they retreat to Yggdrasill. They attach their horns to the branches during which, Yggdrasill absorbs the energy harnessed by its Blades likewise Blades absorb moisture from Yggdrasill. This is also the time when each Blade communicates with each other including the tree itself. This is the only means of communication amongst themselves. They live inter-dependently. Blades have vast amounts of wisdom but unfortunately, unable to talk. The secrets of nature therefore remain in the race alone. They are defensive when it comes to their race but generally peaceful. They release concentrated energy in their hands when they or Yggdrasill is in threat.
The Reproduction
Each Blade is born potentially to become an Yggdrasill. All that is left when it dies is its seed. With enough energy contained in the seed, it can grow to become an Yggdrasill. When a seed successfully survives and germinates, it takes a century for it to produce mobile leaves (the Blades). However, the chances of a Blade being resurrected to an Yggdrasill is very, very small. It is a rarity for a Blade to have a seed that is able to contain so much energy. Plus, Blades usually use most of it during its lifetime particularly in defending the tree. Note that the seed is the brain of every Blade, where all the memories of the individual Blade and the tree they originated from is stored. If this is the case, then every similar organism has the memory of the true and first Yggdrasill. This is why I mentioned that they are full of wisdom.
The Origin
Blades are born from the branches of Yggdrasill. It is a giant tree as high as a seven-storey building or even higher. It is found in the heart of forests and are highly secluded from humans. Blades are often mistaken from being a ghost or a hooded old man in forests surrounding Yggdrasill. At day time, an Yggdrasill appears to be a gigantic Baobab (a dead looking tree). But at night it is the forest's most beautiful sight as the Blades of Yggdrasill are illuminating and dancing with the wind whilst entwined to its broad branches.
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