Anansi the cave-horse Picture

Browsing through the works of artists from deviantART, I came across some works that impressed me very much and that depict creatures nothing short of amazing: the harlequine.
I decided I groped in the enterprise, put on in the midst of another of my passions: the drow. And so was born Anansi!

The name comes from an African deities: Anansi is one of the most important members of the mythology of the original peoples of West Africa. The tradition puts it halfway between being a trickster god and culture hero, and his father Nyame, the God of heaven, while his mother is Asase Ya; Anansi brings rain and according to some myths, he created the sun , the stars and the moon. He also teaches others the techniques of agriculture.
The ways in which the god is described are those of a spider, a man or a combination of both. For this reason it is often called The Spider or the Spider God.

I know there is immense scope for improvement, but the rest is my first horse .... and it was a difficult birth!
Any advice to get better is welcome! Let me know what you think!
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