King Salamander Picture

This is an Salamander, ispired by Terry Pratchett, a great author and satirist of every mythology, herostory and legend ever existed. The Salamander has no mouth, because he eats sun. He saves the light in his tail and releases it in bright flashes if he can contain more.
Deserts, so hot that nothing else can survive naturally, are lightened up like on day, because the salamanders have nearly no natural enemys there.
This one is a legendary big one.


So I got myself some watercolors, and once again figted the matter I haven´t mastered at all.
It worked out not too bad, I guess, with just keeping up a principle ance begon, and letting the colors do what they like to do the most, the way they want to.
I wont upload one picture where I have tried to make the colors serve my wish to much, and so it looks crappy. ^^

So fellow artists. My tips are 1: Just do it, and 2: obey the material, not vice versa.
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