One-way ticket Picture

Pierce came to himself, found himself lying on a bench, he looked around and realized that he was in a subway station.
At the station, he was all alone.
The floors were shining from the station cleanliness, well polished walls sparkled like diamonds, lovely cozy brown wooden benches near each bin.
A former soldier walked through the station, studying the various posters and signboards neat shops. He bought himself a pie as felt ravenous hunger, where he had the money unclear. Money has not belonged to the inhabitants of the earth, they were small and gold, and they have been rapped out wings with one hand, and on the other a halo.
But the silence too heavily strained, where to go, he did not know out of the station was not, he sat down on a bench and waited. And that in fact he waiting for? The boy did not know, sat and ate up a pie, which was delicious, are used to bake his mom and grandmother, he remembered the taste of childhood.
And suddenly he heard growing noise, the guy raised his head toward the platform. And he saw the train which appeared appeared to out of nowhere, cast in gold, as if fused from said just above the purest expensive natural material composition, hissing stopped and let off steam.
The doors opened, and from there came the conductor, by the way, Pierce very surprised to see such an unusual plant employee, he did not think the ticket inspectors can be dressed in an expensive suit and wearing dark glasses are not cheap. However, the conductor's bag and a device for punching tickets were with him, so it's no doubt been serving station.
Pierce went to him and asked:
- Tell me, where am I?
- At the station of Destiny, a place where all the dead will know where they are destined to get - casually replied Albert and yawned.
He often asked such questions and it looks like it was a bit to get it.
- the reposed? - Stupidly asked Pierce.
- Well, yes - lazily replied the conductor. - And you're one of them.
Then he smiled cunningly.
- Or do you not yet understand? Or do not even remember? - Employee shook his head. - Before you stiffs always comes slowly, though I remember was very confused, when I first arrived here.
Pierce tried to remember, and then he remembered the explosion, the captain last look and then everything went dark in the fog and darkness.
- The sad memories, does not it? - A villain with interest looked at the boy, as if he had seen that he remembered Pierce.
- Even too much - Pierce replied bitterly, no, he did not regret his actions and was ready to accept death. Chris tried talk some sense him, and how desperately the captain looked at him, he shouted something to Pierce, but he did not hear it anymore, but just until the last minute looked like saving capsule leaves the underwater station.
Man now began to understand something, it means that he is still dead and will never see their loved ones, fellow soldiers and a captain.
- I do not want to go further - Pierce whispered.
The conductor snorted
- Begins typical behavior for newly arrived souls. First, do not understand, then do not want to go, even though the station tear off, and then did bump in tears. - Former villain shook his head.
- I want to go back! - Cried Pierce
- Calm down, man, do not boil, what are you all so nervous on the first day. While I understand, to realize his own death is not easy, but this will have to live with. You had to know what could have ended your act there in the underwater station.
Pierce stopped. He realized that he too lost his temper, he was silent for some time, a lot of starting, understand and apologized to the conductor.
- I'm not the first to hear attacks and complaints - peacefully Albert said. - By the way there is a ticket?
The employee grinned, attentively examining the passenger.
- Where are the ticket? - Scattered asked Pierce.
- It depends on where you are destined to get there - Wesker replied enigmatically.
- I'm afraid I do not have a ticket - the guy looked down sheepishly.
- I advise you to look in the pockets of young man, to buy a ticket is not necessary - if he had read thoughts Nivans.
The guy reached into his pockets and pulled out a golden ticket, on which was written:
"Paradise Express - one-way ticket"
Pierce was surprised when the ticket and managed to get to him?
- I'll explain: When the time comes, we are all given a ticket to our new life, and what will be a new life, depends on the same old life, which leads man - said he serves.
Pierce in life was a good and kind person, loyal friend. That loyalty and devotion to Captain Pierce pushed by this act, he saved the life of the captain, sacrificing his own.
Pierce held out a ticket inspector, who took it and shot, gesturing enter the train.
Pierce entered the car, he was very surprised to see the shining seats, upholstered in brown leather, transparent almost invisible windows, the floors are polished to a mirror finish, it can be said here reigned sterility and cleanliness. Pierce thought it would be after the death of a black tunnel with white light at the end it looks like he is very much mistaken.
He sat down on the seat, which was very comfortable and soft.
Quietly closed the door, and the train sped forward - towards destiny.
Pierce was still nervous, though he on the ticket and found out where he is destined to fall, but the nerves were still restless.
The guard sat in front, and opened a newspaper with a very interesting title "beyond grave Gazette", as if Pierce suddenly ceased to exist for him. Strange it some.
Pierce turned to the window, he decided to to distract and admiring the scenery. And it was something to see! Past, swept the fields and meadows, forests and steppes, were even small villages, the sky, the net without a cloud, the sun gently warmed by its rays.
Cows on pasture raised their heads after the train, melancholy munching grass. Landscapes succeeded each other, more colorful one another. But Pierce suddenly bored by fighting comrades and relatives, especially the captain.
Pierce still decided to ask the conductor:
- Can I ask you?
Albert put the paper and graciously allowed to ask him a question.
- Is it possible to go back?
- Still think about it my boy? Then I'll you very upset son, your soul has left the body, and the body had nothing left. Although there are exceptions, but in this case you'll be just a ghost, no more. And to be a ghost is not too good, you can not see or hear, you can not communicate with anyone. Usually ghosts are those whose cases have not been completed. Well, you have something completed the case, boy, so you do not become a ghost.
- And any chance to see life on earth is? - Do not lose hope Pierce.
- There's where you're going, there is a TV in every home, showing what is happening on the ground. You can switch any channel, instead of the numbers on the remote names that you'd like to see. For example, the family, comrades, and much of that sort, so that will not be bored, and the work you will find, to their liking, there is an opportunity to meet someone, and even start a family. And there are just an option to rest in peace and live a quiet and peaceful, you will choose.
At the word "family" Albert snorted.
Pierce asked a new question:
- And whether all the same tickets? - For some reason it is wildly interesting.
Albert smiled.
- Who are destined to, say, go to hell, get to the worst station where all dirty and terribly stuffy, the ticket will be gray and charred. And the trains are not sterile differ. A man gets into the city, where the eternal war and disease, no food, no water, nothing test? Then otmuchilsya, a person gets a job, even if she did not like it all the same punishment for crimes and atrocities.
I, for one, was very evil and horrible criminal in life, after a century of torture and torment me decided to "pardon." I was sentenced, always punching, tickets and see off on a long journey of the soul of the dead, a kind of Greek mythology, Charon, only instead of the boat - the train. - Albert smiled corner of his mouth.
Pierce was considering and digesting the information he was getting a little uncomfortable, he realized who rides in the same car, and to put it mildly, was not too thrilled.
- And I would like to ask one more question
- Do not be shy, ask, I will answer to any question, in the end, after all for this I'm here.
- And why the station I was alone? And no one around.
- You just died - thoughtfully said Albert, - no one at the same time you did not die. Let me explain: When several people die, they are at the station at the same time, they meet at the station of destiny, where to get tickets and find out whom, where is destined to go.
If only one person dies, he is, unfortunately, destined to be one before the arrival of the train. I hope I have not confused you too, son.
- No, I get it.
And the rest of the way they were silent again, Albert got a grasp of the paper. Pierce looked around and saw next to a rolled-up newspaper, he opened it and began to study with interest. There were obituaries, and even jokes and puzzles, in general, the usual newspaper, subject only to the afterlife.
Soon they arrived at the heavenly station, Pierce came out, squinting in the bright sun and looked around. All around was a beauty, there were several beds of flowers all-time shades, trees were orderly, well-groomed track.
Albert gave him a ticket and said:
- Here, take it, to show at the entrance to the city, it is a further condition of our world.
Pierce looked at the ticket - it was written
"Just arrived Pierce Nivans - Sky Land"
- I wish you good luck in the new life - said Albert - you're quick to learn, then you will be helped, if that, and I need to meet the new arrivals deceased.
Wesker showed where to go, and said goodbye to the passenger.
The train disappeared into thin air, only a slight puff of smoke reminded of it.
Pierce went to the city and marveled at its beauty and marvelous sight. The streets were clean, the trees planted everywhere, machines worked on the air, the building stood in the distance, skyscrapers stretching into the sky touched him with their tops.
People here have never quarreled, not angry at each other, the words war and disease in this region did not exist.
Pierce found here peace and tranquility of the soul, what do you need to rest in peace man?

I hope came out not bad
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