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Peekyu's are a closed species; no one other than myself should make
profit from them in any way, shape, or form. If anyone wants to draw fan art, please mention and credit me!!
If you have purchased a Peekyu, feel free to do any sort of changes - excluding base changes - or anything like
that, so long as I am given credit where credit is due.

Peekyu's are a very tiny species of Fairy-like cats
((babies are usually only as big as a dime, adolescents can range from the size of a nickel to a quarter,
whereas adults can range anywhere from a few inches tall and long. No Peekyu has ever grown past six inches
and those are usually very powerful, rare Peekyu's)).

They can either be feral/wild, the familiars of magic users, or - most commonly - the pets/companions of fairies and/or pixies.

Most domesticated Peekyu are bred and raised from birth; feral Peekyu don't have the obedience that masters and owners love about
domestic Peekyu's. Despite this, it is not impossible to make a feral Peekyu a companion; though, it is a much more dedicated and
involved process of befriending them and gaining their trust - these Peekyu usually are much stronger and ethereal than regular domesticated
Peekyu due to the amount of love and faith needed to be put into the process. Sadly, some humans have begun to trap Peekyu's in hopes of
attaining their powers. Peekyu can only survive in magical conditions, conditions humans cannot provide. A human and other non-magical species
are capable of befriending a Peekyu, but not owning or working with them.

Peekyu's are capable of using magic or other powers they derive from the orbs on their body and specific elements in nature. Each
Peekyu is born with some sort of orb or magical extension on their forehead or tail. From these, Peekyu are able to use all
sorts of abilities and mystical powers! Some Peekyu's are capable of psychic abilities, others pertain to physical elements
((Fire, wind, earth, etc.)); there are all sorts of powers and abilities that vary from Peekyu to Peekyu! The strength of these
powers vary depending on the orbs of the Peekyu. A normal orb is pretty insufficient on its own. The rarer the orbs, the more
powerful the Peekyu!! Some Peekyu's lack a tail orb, and rather have a flower at the end of their tail - which is extremely rare.
These Peekyu's gather all their powers and strength either from nature or flowers relating to the one at the end of its tail. Other
Peekyu's don't have a string-like tail with an orb/magical extension at the end of it at all! Some just have a regular or some other tail
that cannot draw magical powers at all ((These Peekyu typically have VERY strong forehead orbs in order to make up for the missing
tail energy. However, they need to have an outlet to release energy or else all the powers being concentrated in one area
will harm the Peekyu greatly)). Other Peekyu's have a flower for a tail. These Peekyu's are very special in that they draw energy from
nature and the sun and have plant like abilities. Also, it is possible for Peekyu's with plants for tails to have multiple orbs that
come from the plant - These Peekyu are EXTREMELY rare and EXTREMELY powerful.

Peekyu's - VERY RARELY - will have orbs as a part of their wings. These Peekyu are so rare, however, they're thought to be legends.
These Peekyu are so incredibly powerful that they are placed as guardians and gods throughout lore and mythology. Some humans or dark
mages have cruelly tried to mutate Peekyu's to have these powers; all tests and attempts have ended in horrible failure.

Going off of this, Peekyu's do not go well with any sort of technology or 'advancement' of humans and their modern devices. Not only are
humans destroying Peekyu territory and tainting their powers of nature with their oil and fumes, but they have also begun taking interest in
the species; which is definitely not a good thing. Unfortunate Peekyu's that are captured by humans will never be seen again unless released into
the wild again. Peekyu's kept in non-magic environments cannot live; either from not being allowed to release energy, causing their heads or orbs
to implode or from not being able to gather enough energy to live. Also, humans have never been able to analyze Peekyu diet and never
feed them properly. A Peekyu would survive two days tops in a human or modern environment.

They, very much like fairies and pixies, have wings, enabling them with the gift of flight. They are commonly similar in appearance
to the wings of butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and other avian/insectoid creatures. Their wingspan is never very big ((never an inch or two))
even for the biggest of wings. The wings - of course - are located on the back of the Peekyu, just underneath their fluff collar.
Their wings can either be soft and feathery/furry or they feel and are exactly like an insects. They usually reflect light and glisten.

A typical Peekyu diet consists of berries and other fruits along with certain herbs and flowers. However, being of the felidae variety,
they also must consume meat. However, this is very difficult for them to achieve since Peekyu have a very small size and they typically don't
live in clans in the wild. Feral Peekyu will, however, band together and share kills when the time calls for it. They typically hunt small rodents and
birds such as mice, squirrels, sparrows, and occasionally hummingbirds. Peekyu eat much healthier in captivity with Fairies and Mage's,
since they can easily go out and get all the foods Peekyu need.

Peekyu are usually solitary creatures in the wild. However, upon mating, they shall stay with their mate and travel and live with them. Upon
having kits, a couple will stay with them for many years until each kit moves out in their own time. There is no hierarchy or any sort of leadership
status other than parents are the boss of the children. The kits usually decide who is the leader of their siblings, however, and often depend on
the strongest and/or oldest. They all hunt and forage together and spend a lot of time with their family.

Domesticated Peekyu live in the homes of their Fairy, Mage, or Pixie masters. However, Feral Peekyu live in all sorts of places - it depends
and varies greatly with their powers! A fire based Peekyu would live closer to volcanoes and hotter climates whereas an ice peekyu would
live in snowier climates. Typically, they try to live in caves/crooks/cracks in rocks and cliffs, flowers and buds or little burrows in bushes or among
tree roots, and all sorts of little nooks and crannies in nature~!

Peekyu breeding occurs year round. They don't really go into heat or anything, but mate when they and their mate want kits. Peekyu are a
species that mate for love and for life. Any Peekyu can breed with any Peekyu; a flower Peekyu could easily breed with an electric Peekyu
despite their elemental differences. They connect deeply and strongly with their mates and will usually never choose anyone else if
anything happens to them. Peekyu are a species that also don't physically mate just to reproduce; they fall in love regardless of gender.
So long as their souls can resonate as one, Peekyu don't care if their mate is male or female; just so long as they love each other! For the Peekyu
that do mate with opposite genders, there are several things to say regarding the birthing process. Pregnancy lasts about three
months and kits are born in litters of three to five. Anything more or less is pretty uncommon.

All Peekyu's, regardless of gender, can have any colors or patterns of fur. They are a VERY colorful species, so their pelts are all a wide
variety of colors~! Both genders can have any fur color or orb color. However, certain patterns are rarer than others. Most Peekyu
have a solid color and faded markings, but others have all sorts of stripes, spots, and other markings!!!

Peekyu lifespans also vary depending on a few factors; feral or domestic, power type, and gender. Domesticated Peekyu are usually expected to
live longer than feral Peekyu due to their difficult diet requirements as well as predators and other elemental difficulties. Some powers take up
more energy than others. Certain powers are rarer than others and consume more life energy to store and use. Male Peekyu also seem to
live longer than Female Peekyu, if only by a little bit. In a very general and broad sense, Peekyu life expectancy should range somewhere
from thirty to one-hundred years, thirty being very young to die and one-hundred being a pretty decent lifespan.

The consciousness or sentient of Peekyu's are greatly determined by their status of domestication. All Peekyu's feel strong emotion and are
greatly aware of their actions and the difference between good and bad. However, feral Peekyu's tend to run more on natural instinct rather
than logic or anything of the sort. Their understanding of things can also be greatly dampened depending on how observant the individual is.
Domesticated Peekyu, however, are usually the familiars of mages or the companions of greatly aspired magic users or creatures. These
Peekyu are very astute and intelligent, actually understanding languages and even being able to speak and communicate. They form thoughts
and use logic as well as feeling a wide plethora of emotions.

The info on Peekyu's is incomplete! Please help me research more on this species by asking me questions about them!!!

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