Pokemon Burst Evolution? My Thoughts Picture

By now everyone in the pokemon community has seemingly come to the conclusion that burst evolution is now canon and will be in the new games. The primary evidence is... Well what is it? It's actually not a whole lot. The only evidence we really have is the image of the little stone in the Japanese game logos for pokemon Sun and Moon. While in X and Y this little image proved to be fundamentally important to the games story line, who's to say that this one will? Of course, personally I feel that it will be fundamentally important to the plot of the game, but what I am trying to get across is that perhaps the community is making more of this little stone than there is to be made of it. After all, we probably could have scoured the manga and all non canon pokemon stuff searching for meaning in the mega evolution symbol before the games came out and we might very well have found something and convinced ourselves that this was the meaning of the logo, only to be disproven when the concept of mega evolution was revealed. So today, I am going to explain my thoughts and speculation about the stone in the logos and Burst Evolution.

It should firstly be said that the idea of Burst Evolution appearing in the games is personally distasteful. It is true that if introduced the concept might grow on me as mega evolution has, but I sincerely doubt it would. Which brings us to my first issue of contention.
Lets say that Burst evolution became a thing and was introduced in these new games. How would it work? Surely not as it did in the manga, or would it? You see, I find it very hard to imagine how such a concept can even be worked into the mechanics and metagame. At first I thought that if this concept was introduced it would just be a way of phasing out mega stones, but why would they do that? Mega Evolution definitely revitalized the franchise and searching for the stones has added a significant post game feature to all the titles that have included it. Perhaps they want to push more towards this idea of a bond, that the pokemon doesn't need any stones as long as you sufficiently bonded with it. Imagine you're battling the 8th Gym Leader in Sun and Moon and bang, out of nowhere your pokemon burst evolves. But then you run up against the problem of how it is going to be different from mega evolution. If that difference is going to come from, the things we've seen in the anime, or in the burst manga, then we run up against even more problems. For one thing, if the pokemon is going to take a new form that mimics the trainers appearance, this would logically follow through to the conclusion that character customization is not going to exist in the new games, after all how could it? Will every pokemon that can burst evolve be coded into the game with each different article of clothing a trainer can wear? Surely that wouldn't make sense, nor would it even be possible for that matter. Then, assuming they take out character customization and there is only two new forms for any given pokemon that resemble the protagonists (M&F) how does it work when the next games come out, do they now burst evolve to look like the new trainers. It just seems that introducing this concept as seen in the anime, (not to mention the problems associated with it if it functioned like it did in the manga with the trainers taking on the physical form of the pokemon) would entail a whole can of worms, in terms of problems of logistics in the games.

This leads me to believe that if it shows up in any capacity in the games it will have to be different from how it appears in the anime, at least in some respects. For example, maybe it just means you can mega evolve without a stone, or maybe it means that your pokemon attains a new form in battle momentarily that increases it's power (the form of course, not being related to the appearance of the trainer). And of course, all of this raises the question of what is burst evolution? I mean, manga aside, in the anime we don't really know what it is, so to assume things about the game based on what we know from the anime would get us nowhere.

As far as speculation goes, that is something we can do.
As many people probably noticed while playing Pokken Tournament, which I believe, is now out worldwide; the fighting pokemon are mega evolving and taking on slightly different appearances (as in the case of those who don't mega evolve) when you use your synergy burst. SYNERGY BURST? The BURST gauge? it seems as though we may have a connection here that has been overlooked. While it is true that I've yet to see any burst stones, if we may call them that, in Pokken, it's clear that what their doing is some kind of power up/ mega evolution, and it involves Synergy, as in the combined efforts of the trainer and pokemon, and burst. Here's another interesting thing, when you fill up your synergy gauge it turns rainbow color, and when you're filling it your collecting little rainbow colored diamonds that look like burst diamonds. When you use it, even on pokemon who don't have mega evolutions they become circled by rainbow colored light and then they take on their new form. The Pokemon Sun and Moon project was being called Pokemon Rainbow. Now, for the pokemon who don't have mega evolutions they look either the same, or they take on a slightly different form, as in Weavile who appears to become lightly covered in ice, and when they take these forms their is an increase in power. As to the phenomena of pokemon taking on their trainers appearance, it doesn't happen. But trainers do take on the appearance of their pokemon, of course not physically but just in dress. This is something we've seen in the anime with Alan and many others, and this is something seen in Pokken as pictured above with some Ferrum League trainers, and Nia herself dressing like Weavile. There are many similarities, I think, between mega evolution, Synergy Burst, and whatever type of Burst phenomena makes it's way into the new games. If I had to make a prediction I'd say that this synergy, burst evolution will manifest itself in the new game just as it manifests in Pokken. That is, with the pokemon taking on a new form and having increased attacks generally, and maybe a specific synergy attack. Later in the game, after having a few encounters with Shadow Mewtwo and meeting the hooded girl, you find out some information that in the very least seems cryptic, (at least until one completes the game). You find out that the hooded girl sensed the power between you and your pokemon, and also implies that another source of power comes from the stones. What stones? As far as i can tell the player has no key stone or mega stones, which could only lead me to believe she is talking about the burst stones that build your synergy gauge, the same stones that appear in the SM logo. What's more Nia tells you that Gaia power is the source of synergy power in the region and it's being weakened by Shadow Mewtwo. That sounds like a game plot to me. Even though it is unclear what Gaia power is, whether it is that octagonal stone that appears for the player to get when you battle shadow mewtwo, or something else, it seems that it could be instrumental to Sun and Moon, because after all, what is the corollary to those two? The earth, and Gaia was the Greek Earth God. {As a slightly irrelevant note, Kalos is no stranger to pagan mythology, what with the norse legendaries, and Terminus cave being named after the Roman God of boundaries, perhaps a nod to the fact that for the longest time Gaul (France) were the boundaries of the Roman Empire.}

However that's just one take on it. I do think it's possible that the burst phenomena takes place in the new games but merely as a plot element. Either by having an antagonist who bonds with their pokemon, which in turn takes on a new powerful form, but is not attainable by the player. Or by the evil team using the power entailed in burst evolution to do bad things, as in the trailer for the Magearna movie where the evil scientist is forcing his pokemon to mega evolve using his staff which appears to have a Burst diamond in it.

One thing is for certain, the phenomena of Burst evolution remains, for the present, shrouded in mystery. Will it be featured in the new game? Time will tell. Although I do think it is really quite amazing how the theorizing of the community has completely abandoned Zygarde and moved to Burst evolution. I am as guilty as anyone, but I just don't see any connection between the two, at least until we find stuff out in the new movie, but perhaps some better theorist will.
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