The nightraven Picture

Sweden as the nightraven, a creature heavily associated with death in Swedish folklore! I made it for this contest ( and I'd like to prompt more people to join! The theme is either a local folklore creature or a local Halloween themed festival and the deadline is October 31st. I think it's great to have the opportunity to use Hetalia together with something real-life-cultur oriented, I don't do it often enough despite loving this sort of mix. I mean, Hetalia is historical and political satire, it's perfect for this kind of thing, I was sooo excited when I saw this contest! Not to mention, I loooooove folklore and fairytales and I always want to learn more about it, no matter where in the world it is from.

The nightraven (swe: nattravn, nattramn):

A raven-like creature, it is said to be the restless spirit of either a sinner or an unbaptized child. It always flies from west to east and only during night. During the day, it needs to take cover beneath the earth before it can continue it's journey. Where is it going? Well, some say it's traveling to the grave of Christ but sightings date back to 500 ad, which is way before Christianity got any foothold in Sweden so who knows? Point is, you don't wan't to meet this spirit in bird-form. It is bitter, cruel, and aggressive. It will attack travels at first sight but since it can't fly lower then "the yoke of an ox" you just might get away with your life if you throw yourself to the ground and stay still until the sun comes up.

Interesting bonus fact; the nightraven, sinful nature that it has, tends to fight with the church grim (swe: kyrkogrim), the undead guardian of a church. The chuchgrim is originally Danish but since southern Sweden used to be part of Denmark the two have had the wonderful chance to meet. Unfortunately, when the grim shoos the ravens away, they gather in large packs which makes an encounter that much more dangerous. c:

... I had a bit of a hard time with the design for Sweden (I'm in general very bad at original designs

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