Murgen Picture

I'm so glad I finished this. Now it's time to sleep, hahaha

So painted a picture of Murgen as a child (roughly 12ish? Hope I accomplished that.)
She is a character in my upcoming story/comic which I'm still trying to flesh out.

The symbols on her face (or the ones that are in red) mean in her language, that she is a child.
The rest of the markings are suppose to be practice for children since body paint is important to their culture. They use body paint for reenactments of oral stories (since they do not have a written language; the red marks are the closest thing to letters), status symbols, and identifiers/accomplishments.
The skull-like patterns are suppose to be a "From dust to bone, earth to flesh" sort of thing.
The culture as a whole, believe in four worlds. The one they live in (the one in which the comic actually takes place in)they believe it is an illusion, not real, which is why some of the characters have less than honest occupations, hahhaa

The culture (still need to find a name for it ;0 ) emphasizes a lot on blood, earth, and sun/fire. They wear a lot of mute, earthy colors and have their own mythology on how the world was formed, as well as different beliefs. I'm still deciding on whether or not they should have gods or if they should just be heroes.

Murgen belongs to a family line of thieves, treasure hunters, and anyone who deals in gems, mostly. Her family line specifically has an ability where their blood resonates with gems. That's why most of them are thieves, hahaha. To them, it is an art form of the highest kind. It's also to stop the ringing in their ears and fingers since the resonance can be so intense at times. Murgen herself is a former thief-turned-archaeologist.

She's definitely one of my favorite characters to create stories with. I'm planning on making some short stories that involve her in various stages of her life as a way to tell a different story, if that makes any sense.

I will definitely upload drawing of her in the future. Most of them are nude drawings since it reflects her love of the body and such and also anatomy practice for me, hahaha
I just can't draw clothes after sketching out a strong, muscular figure, hahaha oops
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