LD7 2011 Summary of Art Picture

I've gotten into the habit of doing one of these at the end of every year because it really helps to put things in perspective for me! I like to sit and ponder about where I have improved, where I haven't, and where my mind was this year.

Jan - Valediction

The beginning of this year was spent recovering from the last remnants of art created in the flurry of productivity that was Angelic Visions. I think it marked the beginning of burnout as well. I also became more aware that I wanted to move away from the angels softness (imagery and color wise) and into darker, more compelling contrasts.

Feb - Tereg - Unbound Earth

I wanted to push the envelope with my watercolors in this one. I tried out paper (which I never use), and paid especial attention to my light sources, which I feel is another weakness of mine. I think this is about the time I discovered Color and Light by James Gurney, which really helped me to start thinking more deeply about these things!

Mar - Thorny Greenman Mask

A commission for a friend. This month also seems to mark the point where I was completely uninspired to produce 2D work, but my 3D muse flourished with leather crafting!

Apr - Kushiel's Rose Mask

A mask inspired by one of my favorite fantasy novels, Kushiel's Dart. Still drowning my sorrows in leather crafting (and actually making a good bit of pocket change at it, by this point!).

May - January's Mask v.2

A 2nd try at an art nouveau inspired theme representing the mythical themes, birthstones, and flowers of January. At this point, I bought myself a professional level leather crafting tool set from Tandy and declared leather crafting to be my official side business.

Jun - Kushiel's Rose Mask in Blue

MOAR masks than your body has room for!

Jul - Angel of January

This painting took a long time to come to fruition and I think it was crafting the new mask involving the same mythological themes that spurred me to revisit the old sketch. For this digital painting, I did a lot of experimenting with scanning in the color pencil lines and coloring on top. I learned lots and discovered another piece of the puzzle as far as how I want to work digitally.

Aug - Keeper of Secrets (My Personal Favorite this Year!)

Created during the rush to get new centerpieces ready for my DragonCon gallery panel. She's everything I've been trying to work towards. Angelic, but dark, with a more conceptual feel to her rather than 'random floaty pretty thing'. Ironically she was an old rejected book cover for Angelic Visions that I breathed new life into.

Sep - Blue Morpho and Chain Necklace

More leather crafting created for DragonCon! This year's gallery panel was the most intensive one yet with not just artwork, but tons of leather crafting mixed in.

Oct - Steampunk Centurion

Another commission. This one marks a milestone in my leather crafting in that I finally tried out filigree cutting and layering thin pieces of leather together the way one might make a wallet, except in a mask!

Nov - The Sun Prince Mask

Another mask inspired by Kushiel's Dart. My most ambitious mask to date in that it pushed boundaries in my work I hadn't tried before. It's a very unusual form with lots of room for errors plus lots of crystal cabochons. I learned so much in it's making I can't wait to try out in future projects.

Dec - The Gift Giver

My first ever piece created completely with a Wacom Cintiq 12WX tablet I got as an early Christmas present! A whole new world has opened up for me, as far as creating digital pieces with a more natural feel to them. I also tried to push lighting and texture even more. Begone, soft floaty pictures of yore!

After writing this, I'm amazed I've had so many milestones for what I felt was, overall, a year full of disappointment and burnout. I'm ending 2011 on a hopeful note. Not all is lost and I have only grown all the wiser!
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