NG1 - Apollo Picture

Have you ever noticed that most Luna kids are really moody? Why can't they be happier? :I

Apollo is the pegasus son of Luna and a not-so-reformed Sombra. In order to get her son away from the rumor mill that is the Canterlot aristocracy and eventually the rest of Equestria, Luna set up a moon colony full of research scientists in which she could safely raise her son into a happy and healthy young stallion. Some of the scientists paired off and so Apollo later had several playmates as a foal. Their bodies were all protected by Luna's powerful magic so that they could all live healthily.

Apollo is a chipper young stallion and popular with everyone living in the moon colony. His special talent is fixing satellites and other cosmonautical equipment. He is a strong flyer and he has the ability to breathe in space just like his mother. The other astromechanics are still uncomfortable to see him leave the compound without a spacesuit, so Apollo usually wears one within an oxygen tank to make them feel better. Unfortunately, he has extremely powerful magic within his body, but alas, he does not have a magical outlet such as a unicorn horn, so he easily gets migraines from magic overload. He has to fly often in order to drain magic through his wings or else the magic can be explosive and hurt himself and those around him.

So the history between Luna and Sombra... Well, Sombra was ressurected by a faithful cult of Equestrian ponies, and he seduced Luna at a Grand Galloping Gala while in disguise, several years after Flurry Heart was born. Luna found out this political intrigue, put a stop to it, and imprisoned Sombra within a black hole, for good this time. Later she found out she was pregnant. Her surprise was less ecstatic and more...shocked. Thus, she cooked up the scheme to keep Apollo safe from those who would hurt him for personal gain and set up the moon colony. Apollo is two years younger than Flurry Heart, being 20 years old during the main storyline. Still more unfortunate, Sombra has the ability to cast his shadow spirit out of the black hole, leaving behind his body similarly to how Café's magic works, and he haunts Apollo's dreams. Luna feels extreme anger when she finds out that Sombra has been cruelly giving Apollo nightmares, and making his magic go out of control. (...I'm pretty sure Apollo's going to ascend to alicorn status.)

He and Café have no idea of each others' existances since they're both kept the Princess's little secrets. Apollo finally leaves the moon and comes to Equestria because Luna deems him mature enough to interact in normal pony society. That, and she wants him to get away from all the metal and tinkering and instead smell flowers and walk on grass and dirt for once in his life, even though he doesn't seem all that interested. He gets more than flowers and grass though when he meets Venus Flytrap, one of the illegitimate daughters of Chrysalis and Shining Armor, and she crushes on him hard.

For you mythology nuts out there, yes, the name "Apollo" generally refers to the Greek God of the Sun. I'm using the name as a reference to the Apollo spacecrafts which ties into his mother being the Princess of the Moon/Night. (Ya know, the spacecrafts that are famous for crashing/exploding/being destroyed in general in space? Except not all of them crashed, which is optimistic. <=})

I'm actually really surprised there's no one else who took the Luna kid concept a step further down the space exploration path... It's really fun!
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