My Family in GoT Picture

House: Duchanne (DOO-CANE)
Lord: Wirihana (far right)
Lady: Susan (women on right)
Children: (left to right)
Eldest(Heir)- Renata, 21
Middle - Te Whetu,19
Youngest - Kaylene,18 (ME)
Sigil: blue phoenix over black sun
House Duchanne Sigil
Words: Swift and Deadly
Seat: Valhalla
Region: The 8th kingdom (beyond the wall, thought to have been destroyed by Aegon Targaryen before the wall was built)

This idea came to me in a dream. Sorry if someone has something similar, i assure you i did not steal it, but i guess great minds think alike.
'Duchanne' is not my real last name, but it sounded more Westoros-y than mine. I got the name from 'Beautiful Creatures' because it sounded alot better than mine did and Valhalla is a word from Norse mythology. If no one has used this please do not use without permission. ©
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