Dragons Picture

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1. Edana is a Nymphent dragon. She is so small, that she is only just as long as your finger. This tiny dragon does not have wings, and resembles a reptile, unlike it’s colour. This rainbow dragon does not camouflage well, but relies on speed and size for protection.

2. Shiva is a Selkeel dragon- which means that she is a bioluminescent aquatic dragon and lives deep into the ocean. Not many have seen such dark-dwelling creatures, but legend says she surfaces every 50 years when the sun darkens to greet Astraeus as he passes. Legend says they were once a pair, but as the sun and moon split, they had to as well, as she could not handle the light.

3. Kaipo is a Cloud Stomper, though he does anything but stomp. In fact, he has been known to curl up on your shoulder to sleep, and is often said to bring good dreams. His scales are almost translucent, which is why he is difficult to see, and is often just a whip in the corner of your eye.

4. Astraeus is a Sun Catcher dragon. He has been travelling the universe for hundreds of years. Often times, on distant planets, as onlookers see him passing by the sky like a comet, the star-like scales on his back reflect. He is said to return to Earth every 50 years. Some say they are actually tiny replicas of the galaxies that he has visited.

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