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Basic Info

Name: Jinko Kazame
Mythological feline: Werecat
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Ability: Transforms into a Werecat when he is seeking vengeance


Jinko has been known for his stoic figure from both his time in the main Kazame clan to when he moved into the Legendary Cat household. Jinko does not care for his appearance since he only sees himself in the world so his black, medium length hair is pushed back and kept down by his forehead protector. Ever since the incident with him and his brother's killer, he has a scar that runs up his face, just ending right above his left eye. He is not one to wear tight-fitting clothes due to the fact that whenever he transforms into the Werecat, the clothes get torn off into bits and pieces so Jinko switches over to wearing baggy clothing instead. The mauve cardigan that he wears has slits on the side so it's only the sleeves that get torn instead of the whole thing.


Used to be cold and reclusive but ever since he started living in the LC building with Niko, he turned into a quiet but gentle caregiver to the younger ones.


Jinko used to be a normal Kazame member before he was labeled as a Legendary Cat but unlike Lynx, Jinko's personality fits perfectly into the clan since it was considered normal for someone like him to be placed in the Tiger ranks of the Wild Cats. Even though he'd rather be by himself, there was one person who he deeply cared for- his little brother, Milo.

He and his brother were placed on the same team as each other when they both graduated from the Academy. Even with Jinko being placed in the Tiger ranks while Milo was in the Cheetah ranks, it never stopped the two from being able to work together in harmony. It made an unlikely team within the Wild Cats but it was certainly one of the best teams there could in the cat clan. But Jinko held a secret that only he and his brother kept between them.

The reason why Jinko was as quiet and reserved to others was because of the fact that he is able to transform into a giant werecat when he seeks vengeance on those who harm him or his brother. It was during back in the Academy that this incident happened. Jinko and his younger brother were heading to the village's park. Milo ran ahead since he was excited to get to the swings first while Jinko nonchalantly continued his walk to the playground. When the older cat got there, he sees his younger brother pushed to the ground when a bunch of kids from their school came up to him. Teaching them a lesson for being rude to their 'leader', they said. This infuriated Jinko as he would never let anyone lay a hand on his brother. As he stomped over, Milo and the boys noticed that Jinko started to grow taller as black fur started to sprout out of his body. Jinko was so focused on going after the boys that he did not realize that he had turned into a werecat right before their eyes. He dashed towards them, his teeth exposed as he was ready to finish these kids off with a killing bite. But before he could reach the panicking kids, Milo screamed out his name, begging him to stop. It was then Jinko snapped back to reality and his killer intent halted to stop. As the kids ran away in fear, Jinko fell to his knees as he realized what has happened to him and doesn't dare to look back at his brother for he has turned into a horrifying monster. Instead of running away like the other kids did, his brother came up to him and held onto Jinko in a tight hug as the older cat slowly returned to his normal form.

The secret was kept silent for a long time. It was never found out how Jinko is capable of doing such an ability but Milo never dared of telling anyone what he had seen his older brother turn into. He couldn't dare lose his brother just because of this. But the truth came out when Jinko and his team were placed in the final round of their Chuunin exams. Jinko and Milo had made it through as it was expected of the Speedy Brute duo. It was Milo's turn to go up against his opponent as Jinko continued to support him from the waiting area. Their fight brought everyone at the edge as Milo's speed got him out of harm's way at the last minute but his speedy cockiness was the reason his life ended shortly. His opponent was simply one step faster than the cheetah boy. Without the shine of the sun, Milo had run right into an invisible trip wire that was leveled precisely at his neck, decapitating the young Kazame's head off with a clean cut. By then, the only thing Jinko could see was red. His heart dropped as he watched his younger brother's head roll off and all he could ever remember was launching himself to kill his brother's opponent. His whole body turned black as dark fur sprout out of his body, eyes glowing yellow as he set himself to the opponent's neck. His prey was able to land a cut on his face as he tried to get the giant cat off of him. He was so blinded by hatred that he didn't even remember seeing any of the horrified faces of the Kazame clan members as several of them forced him down to the ground. Tears rolled off his face as he got one last look at his brother's face, that still had the smiling ambition when he thought he was going to win.

It was a matter of time until the main clan had banished Jinko into the Legendary Cat household as a prison for his mutant ability.
It had taken several days for Jinko to bring himself to get out of his room. He thought it would've been best to end his life here and there as he had lost the one person he cared the most but being alone, Jinko reminded himself that Milo wouldn't have wanted that. His brother still loved him even after the park incident and knew he was a good guy on the inside. He wouldn't have wanted Jinko to give up hope on finding peace in his life.

Encounter with Niko

Niko was already living in the Legendary Cat complex by the time Jinko was thrown in there. He thought of her as a pest as she constantly tried to play around with Jinko or make small talk with him during the times they were in the same room together or even interrupt him on his smoke break outside the house. He was foreign to the concept of other people's interaction with him back in the main compound and found it rather irritating. Jinko minded his own business as it was just a set routine he had to himself ever since his brother's death.

It was the day of Niko's Academy graduation. Jinko was in his sleeping quarters as he heard the door open. He waited to hear the usual, "JINKO-NYAN!! I'M HOMEEE~" that came with the slam of the front door but nothing came his way. It was something new but Jinko just left it be. After several amounts of uncomfortable silence, Jinko became concerned and got up to check up on his annoying housemate. As he drew near to her sleeping quarters, the sound of sniffling rang in his ears. He peeks through the crack of her door and sees the usual happy-go-lucky girl crying on her bed. This was the first time he's ever seen her anything but as his usual pain in the ass. He brushed it off at first, thinking to himself that she's just being a child just because her father never praised her for becoming a shinobi but then he remembered that Niko was much like his younger brother, where he had cried when their family pet cat had passed away due to old age. He sighs and leaves the young girl to herself.

An hour passes by and Niko was just lying in her bed, emotionally exhausted as she ran out of tears to cry. She was about to fall asleep until she heard a knock at her door. Jinko walks in, still cold and quiet as always. He walks over to her bedside as she wipes away her dried up tears and puts on a weak smile, saying "I'm sorry about that, Jinko-nyan. How was your day?" to hide her lack of pep. But all Jinko did was extend his hand out to her. Niko was confused at first but she took hold of the bigger Kazame's hand then all of a sudden, he pulled her off from her bed and dragged her out of the house with him (Niko never bothered to change or remove her sandals when she came home). As she continues to keep up with the bigger cat's pace, she asks him on where exactly is he taking her before crashing into the small of his back. Before she could argue, Niko looks up to realize that he had taken her to her favorite restaurant in Konoha. She turns to look at Jinko, surprised to see a soft look in his eyes than his usual cold, stoic face. When she wanted to say something, Jinko stops her and shakes his head before motioning her inside. The dinner started off with an awkward silence but as the time went by, Niko slowly started returning back to her cheerful self again and this time Jinko actually appreciated hearing the playful chattering from the smaller girl as he started to see the resemblance between her and Milo.

It was already late at night when the duo returned home. Just as they were heading back to their sleeping quarters, Niko turns to Jinko to say thank you but not before Jinko places his hand on top of her. Still questioning his motives, Jinko only smiles for the first time he's been in the LC compound and says, "I'm proud of you" before ruffling the little one's head. Niko looks up at him with teary eyes and gave him the biggest hug she could offer. Instead of shoving her off like he usually does, Jinko returns the hug and mentally notes that maybe this is the opportunity he gets to find peace again.


- Jinko started smoking ever since his brother's death. It is his other way of controlling his emotions from getting out of hand again.

“The Feline Clan”
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